Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Bullyboy tactics backfire in Broadclyst

WELL, the Labour Party bullies are out in force again with intimidation taking place at opposite ends of the country.

Here's a story from Jarrow in Tyneside where a local taxi firm has been targeted after having some leaflets about the BNP on show in its office - that really upset the local Labour Party because it doesn't want anyone to be allowed to read about alternative political thinking.

Then in Devon, there's a campaign to hound local BNP councillor Colin Fribbens, out of office in Broadclyst. Just read some of the comments attached to this story and you will realise the extent to which these bullyboy tactics backfire and actually encourage support for the British National Party. Colin sent me the Letters' Page from his local newspaper this morning which had five letters of support including one from the vice chairman of the local parish council who was full of praise for the work the BNP councillor does in his village. The story will be in the October issue of Freedom.

A classic from John Humphrys on the Today programme this morning on Radio 4. He was talking about the 'Liquid Bombers' trial and he said, I quote:
"Although the defendants were all British, the expertise for making the bombs came from Pakistan". !!!

It was said with a note of surprise in his voice as though it was quite extraordinary that there should be a connection here.

John, John, how are you able to deliver such lines and not snort with derision at such nonsense. Just take a look in the newspaper at the faces of these Islamic terrorists. There shouldn't be any surprise at all that they are getting their bomb-making expertise from Pakistan . . . and that's because they are quite clearly Pakistanis!!

I hope that the latest Freedom has been well received and that the copies are being put out in significant numbers. I know a team are out tonight in Workington preparing the ground for a forthcoming local council election.

There's been much speculation as to the future of Freedom, especially on those websites that are anti-BNP or just against the BNP leadership (there's very little between them, have you noticed?). Well, the newspaper is back to normal next month with the October issue coming out right at the beginning of the month and then the November issue will be another big print-run and it will cover the month of December as well as this is a time when politics is put on the back-burner in favour of celebrating Christmas.

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