Friday, 12 September 2008

Media frenzy and that saved own goal

ANY disappointment that I was feeling yesterday because the electorate in Braintree had been denied the opportunity to vote for the British National Party in a local election due to the last minute withdrawal of our candidate, quickly disappeared when I read the massive media coverage this event received.

It was hundreds of thousands of pounds' worth of very good publicity and in almost every national newspaper. However much hostile journalists tried to dress it up, the bottom line of the story in every report was that people have had enough of the corrupt old gang politicians and are turning to the BNP.

One of the most expressed disappointments of our membership, especially new members, is that there are no high profile public figures coming forward to announce that they are supporting the British National Party. Yesterday's media frenzy over just a relative of a 'celebrity' expressing support for the BNP illustrates perfectly why this doesn't happen. When the Party membership of Simone Clarke, dubbed the BNP ballerina, was discovered by an undercover Guardian reporter it made worldwide news. Even the brother of an England footaballer standing for the BNP was seized on as a headline story by the tabloids.

That's why our BNP 'celebrities' and public figures keep their heads well and truly down and their support for us under wraps. There are some big names, household names, who support us but they know that the media would shoot them down if they placed their heads above the parapet, and with a living to earn that depends so much on the help of that very same media, it would be tantamount to committing professional suicide.

One big name, and I mean BIG - a star of TV and film, told me that I wouldn't believe the support that the BNP had within the entertainment industry. And what is of most note here is that this conversation took place in the run-up to the Euro Elections in 2004, well before the BNP started to have a real impact in British politics.

In the Daily Telegraph this morning, Daniel Hannan complains that the BNP are getting too much publicity . . . . and then he spends his whole of his column giving us even more!

And on the subject of publicity here are two more stories, and just like the day before yesterday one comes from Devon and the other from South Tyneside. Our opponents do seem to be playing into our hands every time they open their mouths.

Searchlight magazine appears to be getting all the inside info on what is being discussed at our Advisory Council meetings and have made it public. The Guardian even picked up on the Ashley Mote decision in yesterday's newspaper. I had alluded to this discussion in this very blog at the time and was disappointed that it wasn't made public knowledge much sooner. I shall repeat what I said at the time just to make my views very clear if anyone has any doubts.

"The most important item on the agenda, in my opinion, was left until last and I am delighted to report that the possibility of a massive BNP own goal has been averted. I would love to tell you more about it, but I can't, although I expect the news will filter out this week. I shall just allow myself the one pronouncement on the issue. Self-interest and short-termism has no place in nationalist politics!"

I have no problem with Gerry and Sonia Gable (who had a brief liaison with a nationalist colleague of mine back in the 1970s, something I expect embarrasses them both now), the proprietors of Searchlight publishing what took place at AC meetings, I only wish that we had published it first on our website. Openness in politics should be the hallmark of the BNP to set us apart from the corrupt old gang. Some might argue that it's vital for some confidentiality, but then again if it's going to come out anyway, it might as well come from us first.

Garden again this weekend, weather permitting, as well as a visit to Borough Park tomorrow for a 'must win' game against Solihull Moors.

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alanorei said...

Re: 'conservative' media people, this is interesting because I understand that the entertainment industry (like MSM journalists) is traditionally of the Left.

One possible partial explanation is that the menace of m'cism etc. is making a lot of sit-drams look archaic, e.g. with nearly 100% white Briton villains, when increasingly the general public is realising this is very far from reality - as even Crimewatch continues to show.

But the entertainment industry knows it will never be able to tailor its shows sufficiently to satisfy the demands of m'cism and pc-ness and still appeal to most of the viewing public, 80-85% of whom are probably still white Britons.

i.e. That industry knows it has a problem that only the BNP can fix, even if coming round to that realisation will be for many like having teeth pulled.

One right-wing media person in the US who is not afraid to speak out is actor/matrial arts expert Chuck Norris. His newly-released book Black Belt Patriotism is very much in agreement with BNP-style policies. He even describes in some detail the enslavement of hundreds of thousands of white Europeans by Barbary pirates and he even uses the word "Muslim" in the context.