Sunday, 14 September 2008

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An email in my inbox this morning from Frank O’Brien of Solihull BNP who like me is still a committed SMALL FACES fan and survivor of the 1960s mod /rocker / hippy era!.

I wasn't going to post today as it's a lovely morning here in West Cumbria and the garden beckons. But I'm feeling very happy this morning as yesterday Workington Reds secured a vital three points against Solihull, so I can hardly refuse Frank's request.

He writes:

"About twelve months ago the Solihull branch of the British National Party were asked to help out a local group of ex servicemen at the Royal British Legion in Knowle, Solihull.
"These ex-servicemen had decided to help out soldiers returning from active service in Iraq and Afghanistan. They decided to call themselves “Troop Aid”. The soldiers returning from these theatres of war were being ignored by our Government, so local BNP groups rallied together and raised thousands of pounds to provide facilities at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham to enable families to stay with their loved ones while they recovered from their injuries.
"This charity has gone on to become a major charity in its own right, gaining official charity status a few months ago. Prince Harry is rumoured to be a possible patron in the near future!
"On Sunday 14 September Troop Aid will be featured on the Noel Edmonds Show on Sky One at 1900 hrs. Could you let BNP members know that we supported this charity at the very start - we were there when it mattered!
"Solihull BNP have helped raise over £1000 pounds today, Saturday 13 September for a local charity. Will be sending full details and ‘photos very soon."

Delighted to oblige Frank, keep up the good work.

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