Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Afternoon Update

THERE have been hundreds of calls to our three offices over the past 36 hours and a clear pattern has emerged of an orchestrated campaign of telephone calls and emails by our opponents against our membership.

The calls appear to be coming from a call centre and carry the same message saying "Watch your back, we know you're a racist, expect a visit." It's the same 'patter' in all the calls which smacks of a prompt, deliberately written for teams of telephonists.

If you have received this type of call, please contact the police as we need them to log your complaints so that across the country forces become aware that there is this campaign of intimidation under way. And make no mistake it is a 'hate' campaign so please make sure you say this to the officer you speak to.

The BNP membership, in the main, is showing great resolve with more donations and renewals of membership taken today than in the past three days.

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alanorei said...

Nick had an excellent interview that you can find on the BBC site. Less than 5 minutes but very incisive.