Thursday, 20 November 2008

Don't suffer in silence - call the Police

FIRST and foremost if you have received a threatening or abusive telephone call - please contact your local Police.

They are taking what is a co-ordinated campaign against individual British National Party members very seriously and are working with the telephone companies to trace the calls. It is very clear that the leak of our membership list and the intimidation of our members that followed didn't happen by chance and is something that has been meticulously planned involving a great many of our opponents.

Thousands of threatening calls have been made with the vast majority carrying the same message and report after report from our members refer an 'office or call centre background noise' whilst the threat was being made. If the calls are coming from one place, as it seems, then it will be much easier for the police to be able to trace the source and prosecute those behind the campaign.

So please don't suffer in silence. If you have received such a telephone call, then get on to the police now and remember to say that the call was motivated by hate and should be treated as a hate crime.

Back later with more.

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