Thursday, 20 November 2008

Labour's most spectacular own goal yet!

What a manic 48 hours! I have never experienced anything like it. Hundreds of telephone calls answered with as soon as the receiver was replaced, the phone started ringing again.

Yesterday morning all the calls were from worried members, but after the lunch time news bulletins things started to change. At around two o'clock I took a £100 donation from someone who had just heard Nick on BBC Radio 2. Then the renewals started coming in one after the other. People were now angry at the intimidation and victimisation of individual BNP members both by the media's use of a stolen membership list and the threatening phone calls. They said they wanted to do something about it and did so by renewing their membership, with many taking out Gold Membership.

Today, the new memberships have started coming in with ordinary members of the public expressing their outrage at the treatment the BNP is receiving in the media. Now approaching midday, the calls are in the vast majority membership renewals, new membership and donations, with just a handful wanting to resign from the BNP.

On Clive Jefferson's blog he gives some useful information on the threatening telephone calls so please read it and follow his advice.

Our opponents and their lackeys in the media are making a big mistake if they think their open bullying of the BNP and it members will hurt our Party. The British people don't like to see anyone being victimised, it is something that stirs a response in them and they will support the underdog to ensure that this sort bullying stops.

That the Labour Government, which is sponsoring the intimidation, can believe it will deter people from joining, supporting and voting for the BNP just goes to show how little they understand the very nature and traditions of the indigenous British people.

It's another spectacular own goal from them which has provided the British National Party with the sort of publicity that can only benefit our Party as it shows that our membership is made up of ordinary British people from all walks of life.

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