Thursday, 27 November 2008

Everyone's going for Gold

AT LAST, I managed to get some work done on Freedom yesterday and the report of a dinner held in South Shropshire sent in by James Whittall caught my eye. Above are two of the five photos received and at a time when the make-up of the British National Party is under the media spotlight, these show a rather good cross section of people that are now within our ranks.

In the run-up to the all important elections in June next year, Freedom, in issue after issue, will be showing the real face of the British National Party in an effort to once and for all nail the lies of our opponents in the media. All you budding photographers out there please make sure you take as many photos as possible of the BNP at work in your area and send them in to the newspaper.

I feel ten foot tall this morning! Why, you may ask? Because of Lee Barnes, is my reply and if you heard the Moral Maze on Radio 4 last night you will know what I mean. Lee was superb and wiped the floor with his opponents. He was an aggressive defender of commonsense and exposed the Orwellian attitudes of those in power who seek to silence the BNP. Lee was on the offensive throughout his appearance, something we don't often get the chance to do, and it made rivetting listening. You can hear it here - and make sure you post something on the Moral Maze Messageboard.

Now I'm going to make a prediction. I listen to Radio 4's news and political programmes a lot and many of these are turgid and bland. However, now and again, you do get spokesmen on certain subjects that are not only knowledgeable but also have an out-of-the-ordinary delivery that makes it interesting listening. Once they have made their mark these people seem to pop up quite regularly because the BBC acknowledges their talent is especially attuned to the radio. Lee Barnes definitely has both these qualities and I think we might be hearing a lot more from him on the radio.

Another good day for the BNP yesterday in the Membership Office with over £1,700 taken in membership subs alone. It is quite incredible that at a time of recession, with Christmas just four weeks away, and with politics well down people's priority list at the moment, that our much-maligned Party can create such an interest. It was good to speak to so many committed people yesterday and I was delighted to hear from Cynthia and Michael Wainwright from Cornwall. Since the leak of the list, they have run an email campaign asking people to take out Gold Membership of the Party to show that we won't be intimidated and that the resolve of our membership is as strong as ever. I was able to tell Cynthia yesterday that their campaign is proving a fantastic success.

Of course, after speaking to so many enthusiastic supporters, all who have been 'outed' yet haven't wavered, one's patience with the "I'm not Sparticus brigade" runs a little thin. I had a gentleman on yesterday who wasn't even on the list but was still anxiously going over and over again all the possiblities of the terrible things that might happen to him. In the end I was delighted to take his resignation and might well have offered him some advice that my 16 year-old son seems to proffer to me at every opportunity "Why don't you grow a pair!" - I think he is referring to testicles.

Two and a half more days on the telephone, then I'm back to the peace and quiet of the Freedom office.

And finally in answer to the question, obviously asked by someone who must be under 40, "Who on earth are Workington Reds? . . . ."

Workington were a Football League club from 1951-1977 and now play in the Conference North. They have a wonderful history, playing at Anfield and losing just 1-0 against Liverpool in front of 50,000, leading Manchester United 1-0 in front of 22,000 at Borough Park (where we still play today) before losing 3-1. That game was played just weeks before the Munich Air Disaster. We also held Chelsea to a 2-2 draw in the quarter final of the League Cup before losing the replay.

Reds were managed by the great Bill Shankly and at every home game I enjoy a drink in the lounge named after the great man. In fact I have written a number of books on the history of the club which are still available on ebay called "So Sad, So Very Sad". Any football enthusiasts reading this who want to see Workington in action should check out this goal feast at Hyde two weeks ago.


watling said...

If we all went over again and again all the possibilities of the terrible things that might happen to us we wouldn't even risk getting out of bed. Mind you, even staying in bed has its hazards.

It's a good job that the people of this country didn't fret over what might happen to them in 1939 when the UK government supported Poland against Germany. They could have all stayed in bed rather than fight, in which case we'd now all be speaking German and wondering when it would be our turn to get that fateful knock on the door.

Pip Wright (Listed) said...

Either my computer is acting up or the BBC don't want us to hear last night's Moral Maze on their Listen Again feature. I wonder why.

Pip Wright (Listed) said...

I finally reached the Moral Maze via Simon Darby's blog and it was worth it. Lee Barnes was excellent.

Did anyone else notice that subsequent guests and the panel hardly mentioned the BNP and membership of the police force after Lee Barnes had had his £5 and two penn'orth? They drifted on to what is, or isn't, freedom of speech and what is, or isn't, offensive.

Tip for Michael Portillo: you 'came out' once before, years ago and you can do it again. Send your membership subscription to Tina Wingfield. You can afford to go Gold, too.