Wednesday, 26 November 2008

BNP bashing confirms our underdog status

EVEN before the last seven days I didn't like answering the telephone, preferring to correspond with regard to Freedom by email . . . now I positively hate it. Yesterday there was no respite in the calls with over 100 taken, the same as the previous 24 hour spell. There were TEN renewals of membership and FIVE new memberships taken in our office alone before 9.00am and this steady stream continued throughout the day.

On top of this, the post yesterday was nearly 200 letters and opening and preparing these for databasing meant that Tina and I missed Nick's speech at Whitehaven - you can find out all about that and a day's campaigning in the town on Clive Jefferson's excellent blog.

We were worried that the post would bring a deluge of resignations but in this batch there were just ten current members and six lapsed members who wanted to be removed from our files. Of course this is disappointing, but the number is a fraction of what our opponents had been hoping would be deserting us.

The police were here again yesterday morning completing their investigations into the theft of our membership list back in November 2007. They have been meticulous in their evidence gathering and I'm very hopeful that a prosecution of the culprit or culprits will take place. The list would never have been leaked on to the internet if it hadn't been for the actions of these individuals who had launched a coup to try to takeover the BNP at the time of last year's Conference.

There's a lot of anger amongst our membership over the leak in the first place, and the actions of the media since the list was made public. A conviction would show everyone just how serious we take this situation and it will deter others who have any similar ideas.

The media continue to inadvertently drum up support for the BNP with their vindictive reporting completely oblivious that all this BNP bashing just confirms our underdog status. I check out what the newspapers are saying with a couple of finely-tuned search engines and here's one that I use which will give you a taste of the stories doing the rounds. Note the usual rubbish from the Yorkshire Post.

If you have emailed Freedom over the last week I shall be dealing with your correspondence today. There are over 300 emails needing some sort of action and I'm starting working on them as soon as I have posted this.

Simon Darby's blog is usually the place for nature reports but today I'm posting one thanks to my colleague Jan who has sent in the following photograph taken 'just up the road' in Gretna late yesterday afternoon. Starlings getting ready to migrate - this is a stunning shot.

And finally I have had some stick from Kinks fans after my recent infatuation with the Small Faces. The Kinks have always been my favourite group with the Small Faces a close second. So here's a classic from Ray Davies and Co with just a little bit of a BNP theme . . .

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Inspiring news, Martin. Thanks.