Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Just in . . .

THANKS to North Kesteven organiser, Mike Cooper, for forwarding a message from one of his members who is serving overseas.
The message reads . . .

"Have just read Part One Orders today - this is where official Army Policy is distributed on a daily basis and there was a WHOLE paragraph about the British National Party!

Every soldier in the British Army (ie 100,000 troops) read this daily - they have to by order. The Navy and RAF have similar orders, so add about 40,000 extra personnel on.

It says that "any serviceman/woman is entitled to join ANY political party he/she wishes INCLUDING the BNP and to attend political meetings etc. However they must not attend in uniform or indulge in behaviour that will bring the forces into disrespect. They must not attend marches or demonstrations or be involved in an official capacity with any political party."

So to summarise this means that the BNP is now being treated like every other political party in the country as far as the Armed Forces are concerned.

Today's Part One Orders are a GREAT step forward and has put us on an equal footing with the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberals. A lot of soldiers will breathe a sigh of relief and the positive impact this will have on the BNP's image among service personnel and their families is INCALCULABLE!!! Good news all round!"


Peter said...

Excellent news Martin. Thanks for that update.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


That has always been the case for servicemen. Certainly since I enlisted in 1968 at age 15.

I was a Halton apprentice and they didn't just give technical training - they gave us good instruction on Queen's Regulations, as well as a good all-round academic education.

Further to your post - a serving member of the forces may even stand for election to Parliament (just mustn't wear the uniform during the election campaign). I will stand for correction on that last if the regs. have been changed in that respect.

tim said...

Thank you Martin this is Very helpful.
If all our boys and girls knew what the BNP stood for, they would all be members of the only party that will support them all shamelessly and unconditionally.

Best wishes T

thll said...

This is the best news I've heard since I can't remember when. How on earth will the establishment react to this! Things are becoming very interesting indeed.

cumbriabnp said...

Well, well. Tina amd Membership Dept may need to get in some extra help. Excellent.
Karl Chappell

alanorei said...

Amazing stuff, thanks Martin and to Tina for all your efforts. Some compelling articles in the latest VoF.