Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The gulf that exists in our police forces

ANOTHER huge day on the telephone for yours truly as I fielded over 100 calls in a nine hour spell. Tina spent the day in a meeting with two police officers investigating the initial theft of the membership file back in November 2007 and the posting of that same list on the internet 12 months later.

I can certainly confirm that the police are taking both crimes very seriously indeed. Tina's meeting didn't finish till seven o'clock in the evening and both officers are back again today to finalise statements etc.

I spoke with another police officer yesterday specifically with regard to the threatening telephone calls received by BNP members in the county covered by his force. He reassured me that every incident was being taken very seriously and that in cases of elderly members who had been particularly upset, telephone calls were being monitored and regular police visits were helping to calm any worries. Without saying too much on the subject, my personal view is that there is a massive gulf between rank and file policemen and women and their politically appointed police chiefs who are pushing the anti-BNP line.

Good column from Mick Hume in The Times this morning. Mick has never been on my Christmas card list and probably even tried to physically attack me back in the early 1980s when his Marxists and my Nationalists clashed on the streets of London. But he is exactly right in what he says about the actions of Merseyside Police. It is just a pity that some of our more respected columnists haven't got the courage that Mick has shown in standing up against current PC trends and shaming those who are trying to conduct this witch hunt against a legal political party.

I am delighted to report that from my 100 plus telephone calls yesterday 60% were membership renewals, 15% were new memberships, 15% were donations and just 10% were calls concerned with the leaked list. From these, there were just two current members who resigned for employment reasons and two lapsed members who asked to be removed from our files - but all four confirmed their support for the BNP and said they would be voting for us at election time.

What is very clear now is that this persecution campaign run by those anti-BNP groups and trade unions linked to the Labour Party has not only failed but has given us a timely boost. As I said in one of my previous posts - it all goes to show just how little the anti-BNP brigade understand the British people.

It has been good to get a spate of emails from Small Faces fans recalling those halcyon days of the 1960s. Sadly I only saw them perform live on the one occasion, at the Assembly Hall in Worthing in 1967, but I have all their music and always take it with me when I go on holiday courtesy of my daughter's ipod. Still no Stevie Marriott DVD and now I'm getting worried. Even second class post can't take eight days from Wapping to Wigton . . . surely?

And finally to footie - Reds have drawn Kings Lynn at home in the FA Trophy which is a double-edged sword. On the plus side we do have a chance of going through to the next round and bagging £5,000 in the process, but on the down side we will have to pay for our visitors' expenses for an overnight stay in West Cumbria which will mean that there will be very little left in the kitty after Kings Lynn's half of the gate money is paid to them as well.


watling said...

Where are the thinkers, the philosophers and the political scientists at this time? Why do we not read columns in our newspapers unconditionally condemning this orchestrated attack on a legal political party? I can only conclude that our so-called intelligentsia are so fearful of being persecuted by the state that they daren't risk saying anything in support of the BNP.

The only article I have every read which was written by someone completely unconnected with, or supportive of, the party but which pointed out the injustices dished out to members of the party was by a chap called Sean Gabb from the Libertarian Alliance. Needless to say, Dr Gabb has now himself come in for criticism for daring to defend the BNP's right to exist.

Here is the link to his January 2007 article.

And here are just a few poignant quotes from the article:

Since lying about the BNP does not work very well in the age of the Internet, the gentler forms of destruction are being supplemented by stronger.


Mr Cobain's articles must be seen as part of this attempted destruction of a political party. Let it become known that middle class supporters will be named and have their careers destroyed, and party membership will not proceed far beyond the working classes. Let it be made effectively impossible for any middle class person to stand as a BNP candidate, and the only candidates will be criminals and fools, who can then be held up as a reason not to vote BNP.


We live in a potemkin democracy, where only limited diversity of opinion is tolerated.


We denounce the persecution of the BNP. Though I do not expect them to pay any attention, I call on Liberty and the Conservative Party to do likewise.

watling said...

I left this comment for Mick Hume. See below the dashed line. As only 300 characters are allowed per comment I had to split it up into several chunks. It hasn't appeared on the site yet.


We're living under a regime in which only limited diversity of opinion is deemed acceptable. Those whose legally held views happen not to lie within the narrow boundaries of what the state approves find themselves persecuted for their beliefs. Therefore we do not live in a true democracy.

There must be other journalists apart from Mick Hume who are uncomfortable with the state's persecution of members of a legal political party. Of course Mr Hume has to put in the usual derogative statements about the BNP to ensure that we're all clear that he is in no way, shape or form sticking up for the BNP. After all, he's got his reputation, his career and his bank balance to think about, which are all far more important than truth or democracy.

As with other journalists Mr Hume uses the term "vile" to describe the BNP's views but without actually clarifying which views in particular he is referring to. Other favourites that journalists use include "disgusting" and "abhorrent".

The article also states that:

"The best weapons against the BNP are democratic debate and free speech, not censorship and blacklists."

In that case shouldn't BNP spokesmen be allowed to write articles in national newspapers?

Shouldn't Nick Griffin be invited onto the BBC's Question Time programme? Shouldn't Nick Griffin be allowed to address the nation? Surely, if the BNP's views are "abhorrent" then the more often that those views are aired by BNP spokesmen then logically the less support the party will enjoy? You know, give the party enough rope to hang itself.

There is of course a slight problem with allowing the BNP's views to reach the wider public. Namely that much of the wider public will agree with those views, as that YouGov poll in April 2006 showed. That would never do, would it?

One more thing. Contrast the reaction of the Merseyside police against members of a legal political party distributing leaflets drawing attention to murders to the lack of reaction of the Met police to Muslims in London in Feb 2006 calling for innocent people to be murdered.


alanorei said...

Re: "my personal view is that there is a massive gulf between rank and file policemen and women and their politically appointed police chiefs who are pushing the anti-BNP line."

Largely mine also but watch out for the exceptions, they're there. 21st Century Police Officer (female) is one and highly regarded by male contributors to her blog in the various forces, with good reason. She's a long way from Cumbria (on a force somewhere down south) but some of her supporters might not be - possibly in Merseyside, to judge by some of the accounts of that particular state-sponsored atrocity.