Sunday, 23 November 2008

That was the week that was!

SUNDAY afternoon and all is well. The newspapers provided a good hour's reading this morning with the BNP much to the fore. The big smear in the News of the World could 'finger' only two from the 12,000 names its journalists had scoured through and both those individuals had already been expelled from the Party, more than 12months ago, when news of their misdemeanors came into the public domain.

We are hoping that one of the policemen being persecuted at the moment will stand firm and force a test case on the illegal barring of BNP members from working within the police service. I know Nick has been in touch with one officer (not the one in the media spotlight at the moment) and has promised all the legal help possible should he decide to stand up and take on Gordon Brown and his lackeys in the force who use this anti-democratic bullying to try to scare people away from joining the BNP.

Tomorrow will probably be another manic day on the telephones and on top of that we have an appointment with police investigating the source who was behind the posting of the 2007 membership list on the internet and those behind the campaign of intimidation of our members by abusive telephone calls.

What will be fascinating will be at the end of next week when the figures of the last ten days can be collated in full and we will be able to see exactly what the 'commercial' effect on the Party has been from the publicity prompted by the leaking of the membership list.

I know that many of our members have suffered great anxiety over what has happened but as long as no one loses out in real terms then the snap shot of the members that make-up the BNP, which has received so much publicity, can only benefit the Party. We are just ordinary people who are worried about the future of our country and see economic and political nationalism as the way to safeguard our nation.

From my very limited support of our telephone staff, I can report that from the calls I took the overall feeling I have is that our members, far from being cowed by what has happened are now even more determined to help the BNP make the all-important breakthrough into mainstream politics. Also, as I have said in previous posts, Joe Public also doesn't like to see this persecution of ordinary people just for their political beliefs taking place and to show their opposition have been joining our ranks.

The back garden is full of tree branches and there's an empty bottle of Cava in the recycling bin which was downed last night in celebration of Workington's magnificent FA Trophy win at Tamworth yesterday. My cash-strapped club is now £4,000 better off and I'm hopeful for a home draw against high profile opposition so the club can have another good payday in the next round.

Still no Stevie Marriott DVD, I hope it hasn't gone missing in the Royal Mail as it took a long time to locate.

More tomorrow.


Carol said...

Steve Marriot.
I was in a band in the early '60.s and we did a gig in St.Mary's Hall, Leicester Square. On the same bill were the Small Faces, I still remember it. A couple of months after they released their first hit record. We sunk into oblivion.

watling said...

This is really pushing the Small Faces connection to the limit, but in October 1989 I travelled east across Canada by train from Vancouver with a chap with long straggly blond hair called Ian Edmondson, who claimed that he used to be in Humble Pie. I remembered the name because his namessake Adrian had by that time already established himself as a TV star in The Young Ones.

Anyway, Ian said that he was now in a band called Sons of Valentino. Can anyone confirm that Ian was in Humble Pie and/or Sons of Valentino? I've tried a quick search on the Internet but found no reference to him.