Saturday, 22 November 2008

We have come out well ahead!

TINA and I were waiting last night to be 'doorstepped' by News of the World journalists but we sat staring at a couple of empty wine glass for a couple of hours and there was no knock on the door.

It's a long haul up here to Cumbria and we were going to offer them a glass of Cava before sending them on their way. For 30-odd years I've read what the NoW has had to say about British Nationalism and the idea that either I or Tina, who joined up in 1982, would dane to speak to anyone from that newspaper is laughable.

It's been a long hard few days, but we have definitely come out ahead. More new members than resignations, a flourish of early membership renewals many of them for Gold Membership, and loads of donations with a few of them quite sizeable.

Hazel Blears has given us another huge plug this morning so it looks as though the BNP will be one of the main talking points in tomorrow's all important newspapers.

Today I'm pollarding some trees in my back garden. It's a job I have been meaning to do for a couple of weeks but the wind has been much too strong to get it done. Today it's very still and, although very cold, ideal weather to get those trees lopped.

Workington Reds are at Tamworth in the FA Trophy this afternoon so I shall be glued to my radio after three o'clock and I'm hoping that my Stevie Marriott Memorial Concert DVD arrives today so that I can watch it tonight with a glass of the wine that I had saved for the journalists who didn't quite make it this far north.

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watling said...

I have to say it's rare to see the phrase "News of the World" in the same sentence as "newspaper" and "journalists". It's staggering that people actually read such a scummy rag, let alone buy it. More shocking still is that some people actually believe what they read in it.

P.S. "dane"? Try "deign" instead.