Sunday, 30 November 2008

Just a quickie . . . .


If my avocado trees have survived last night's frost here in Cumbria I shall be delighted, but I fear the worse and will probably have to find some apple trees in the spring to replace the gaps in my 'orchard'.

Not a real post today as we are off to Carlisle shortly to get Tina a new ski jacket, but I just had to direct my readers to this report in today's Sunday Times.

And the idiots in the Labour Party thought that publishing our membership list would hurt the British National Party! With enemies like this, who needs friends?

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watling said...

Regarding the Sunday Times article it must be beginning to dawn upon the general public that, when it comes to the BNP, they shouldn't necessarily believe the anti-BNP propaganda broadcast by the media and LibLabCon spokesmen.

There must already be many intelligent, independently-minded people out there who are struggling to make a connection between the groundless "racist thugs" mantra parrotted by the media and what they read in articles such as the one you refer to in the Sunday Times.