Friday, 19 December 2008

2009 - The Year of the BNP

THAT'S the headline for the January issue of Freedom which will be available from January 7th.

It is an ideal issue to get the most important year in the history of the British National Party off to a flying start, with reports on our victory in Boston and our agonising defeats by 1 vote, 15 votes and 16 votes in Shildon, Ibstock and Whitehaven. There is also coverage of our Annual Conference in Blackpool and the Remembrance Day ceremonies that our members organised and took part in. Freedom shows the true face of the BNP and details our policies, two topics that the public will become more and more interested in over the next 12 months.

After three hourly news bulletins, BBC Radio Cumbria is still ignoring the election result from Whitehaven but that doesn't matter. Up here in the far north west corner of England there's a jungle telegraph and the real news gets around despite the efforts of the local media to put their spin on it. People knew that something was going on in Whitehaven. Two weeks ago I was told at a football match ten miles away in Workington that there were more 'Vote BNP' posters in windows in Kells than there were Christmas decorations!

They were massive votes for us last night. I know both Simon and Ivan will be disappointed that they are not, this morning, representatives of their local communities after coming so close, but looking at the bigger picture winning or losing isn't important. It is vote share that we should be focussing on, and that's because our opponents were hoping that by exposing the names on the 2007 BNP membership list and by hounding some of those people in their places of work and their homes, they would 'frighten away' support for the BNP.

Well exactly the opposite has happened and these results are further proof. Our membership responded in the Best of British traditions to this attack, not just by renewing their membership early but in many instances by taking out a Gold Membership. Lapsed members, including those who were 'outed' on the list, have re-joined, and there has been an incredible near-100 new members a week joining the Party since the media's feeding frenzy. Our vote share in Whitehaven and Ibstock is just confirmation that we are moving forward at a significant rate of knots, despite the efforts of those who oppose us.

On the economic front, no one knows what to expect next year. But when money is tight people start looking at their elected representatives to make sure they are doing their jobs to the best of their ability and not wasting hard-earned taxpayers' money. BBC Radio Cumbria might not have been reporting the Whitehaven result, but it did the British National Party no harm whatsoever with its lead story that £2 million is to be spent on a 'Travellers' Camp' in Carlisle to make a permanent home for just 15 caravans. So people who have contributed absolutely nothing to our county, apart from dumping their rubbish anywhere and everywhere they can find, are to be given our money. You could almost hear the BNP votes stacking up as the newsreader read the report.

Great excitement at home as the girls are back from Uni today. Family gathering tonight, football tomorrow and then the run- up to Christmas and the New Year.

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