Sunday, 21 December 2008

The huge benefit of Thursday's results

I HAVE come into the office today because I want to write up those two brilliant election results for Freedom while they are still fresh in my mind.

I have just emailed Wayne McDermott, the man behind our stunning performance in Ibstock, to get a new photo of Ivan Hammonds, our excellent candidate, and within minutes there's a response and a choice of three photographs - so he's obviously on duty as well. Wayne tells me there are other important local council by-elections coming up in the next few months, not just in the East Midlands, so there will be no let up in our campaigning.

I know our election guru up here in Cumbria, Clive Jefferson, is "tired" after all the effort put into the Kells by-election in Whitehaven. And that's hardly surprising. To reduce a Labour majority of 1010 to just 16 votes is an incredible feat, and only came about after six weeks of non-stop campaigning.

I'm spoke with Clive yesterday and he was very complimentary about Freedom and how it helped the campaign in Whitehaven. Apparently most homes in the huge county council ward received a copy of the newspaper at the very start of the campaign and Clive said that this helped when canvassing because voters were already aware of what the BNP was all about.

He said that in his election report, he will be emphasising how beneficial an early distribution of Freedom across any ward being fought can be. Of course that makes me very happy. I want Freedom to be read by as many people as possible, not just the regular readership, and a mass distribution across a ward as soon as an election is called would seem to be a good way of maximising the potential of the newspaper.

The effect on our Party of Thursday night's results has been massive - just take a look at some of the comments on the main BNP website after my report. And this effect is much more important than whether we just won or just lost the election. Labour morale has sunk to rock bottom while ours is sky high and that bodes well for when the next local council by-election is being fought. Our election team will be raring to go, while Labour's will be dragging themselves around the streets fearing the worse.

There's talk in the newspapers this morning about a General Election in June, so we could have three elections on the one day. That wouldn't do us any favours and might harm our Euro-Election effort. Let's hope Brown is still the coward he was in November 2007 and bottles it again, hanging on till 2010.

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Yorkshireminer said...

People in power are always loathed to give it up, Tony Blair is a good example. He hung on to it as long as possible, I expect Brown to do the same, the latest possible date is the correct guess. In fact there might not even be an election. If things deteriorate at the rate they are he might even get the chance to declare martial law, and pose as defender of the country and don't forget the Civil contingencies act that got passed a few years ago, that was well under the radar, or Tony Blair getting rid of the Treason laws, I think in 1997, everything is in place. Britain can not feed itself, it is not energy independent and has no industry worth of the name. It is a far cry from my younger days when I worked in a vibrant mining industry. Everything has been gutted on the alter of making a fast pound. To put it bluntly short term greed over long term need. The idea of a service economy was a joke from the start, nobody can make a sustained living cleaning each others windows or toilets, somebody has to make the window leathers and the toilet brushes. When Britain can no longer borrow money just to pay for the minimum imports just to maintain the society, the pound goes and so does the country. It will be interesting to see how the milch cow of the political parties the P.B.B.T. Poor Bloody British Taxpayer is going to react. I always remind my friends that a dog is only five missed meals from being a wolf. When the economy does collapse, not if, Peak oil will see that there is no easy way to inflate there way out of this impasse rivers of blood might only be a mild description of the situation. I fervently hope that it never happens, but I fear that it will. The Icelanders have been protesting in front of their parliament building, a most placid people. They have at least boundless energy to keep themselves warm a sea full of fish and steam heated greenhouse to see that they have vegetables enough, even in the middle of winter. What will happen when a bankrupt Government cannot pay welfare, and the recalcitrant huddled masses of immigrants move out of their ghettos demanding their rights. We live in interesting times. I left England many years ago and live in a little hamlet in rural Holland. I will not starve my father in law has a large farm and my house is paid for. We are not culturally enriched here so I do not fear for riots and the Dutch are still self sufficient in Gas, but I do fear for my country. I am not your normal patriot, I do not wave the flag or sing patriotic songs, but what I do have, is a deep quiet love of the country of my birth, I was brought up in a quiet quintessential stereo type English village of the 50s, two very old pubs a 1,000 year old church a ruined manor house and small council built estate estate.Justice was quick effective a cheap. If the local bobby gave you a clip round the ears for breaking the law your Dad was likely to add insult to injury if he found out. no civil rights tribunals costing millions and no appeals to the European court of so called Justice to overturn the verdict. I have ranted too long and the message is not really applicable for the holiday season so may I just wish you and your family a merry Xmas and a successful new year, and as I do all years I will raise my glass (single Malt) at our family Christmas diner and toast the Queen Country and Absent friends.