Friday, 5 December 2008

The persecution squad are getting desperate

AFTER re-reading some of my more recent posts, I'm slightly worried that any casual visitor to this site might think that I am anti-police. I can ensure you that this isn't the case. I have the greatest respect for the force, and have many friends and associates who are police officers. Over the past two weeks especially, I have heard countless stories from BNP members worried by threatening telephone calls, of a helpful and sympathetic response from local police officers in calming their anxieties.

Having set the record straight, I'm afraid I have one final salvo to fire off at Merseyside Police for their hounding of one of their own officers because his name appeared on a BNP membership list that had been stolen from the Party and which was posted on the Internet. As I have said in previous post, the officer heading the persecution has been in touch with the membership office on numerous occasions, asking for information and clarification of procedures in his effort to get the right result for his politically motivated superiors.

We have co-operated with Merseyside Police because we were asked to do so by the wife of the officer concerned.

The fact that this witch hunt was prompted and is being conducted on the contents of stolen property doesn't seem to concern Merseyside Police, but disappointingly for this unsavoury persecution squad they seem to be struggling to make a case from their ill-gotten gains. What they seem to have established is that it was the officer's wife who took out BNP membership and that it was the officer's wife who had a subscription to the BNP newspaper, Freedom. Will they 'hang' a fellow officer just because of the political sympathies of his other half?

Now having exhausted all the information gleaned from the stolen list which covered the membership for 2007, DC Tony O'Brien was back on again yesterday asking if the officer had been a BNP member prior to 2007. Now the police can side-step data protection laws if they are persuing a criminal case, but at the moment being a BNP member isn't a crime, so what he was in fact asking was for Tina to break the Data Protection Act that she had signed when she took up her post.

I don't know what you think, but to me this smacks of desperation.

And talking about persecution, would you like to know what effect the publicity detailing the persecution of the BNP in the media has had on our Party? This week, at this office alone which deals with membership payments received by telephone and post, we have taken £18,000 - and this doesn't include online memberships which is rapidly becoming the most popular way of joining the Party. But that's not the figure that is really staggering - this one is . . . over 100 NEW BNP members this week alone. Eat your hearts out, the old gang parties and their lying acolytes in the media. It is unbelieveable that with Christmas so near, and with the country in the midst of a recession, that over 100 individuals have decided to join our political party for the first time. I'm hoping that this surge is an indication of what 2009 holds for the British National Party.

This time last year I was struggling to do this blog. I was laid low with depression because of the attempted sabotage of our Party from within by a gang of power-crazed individuals. Their efforts did hurt us quite badly, especially in Yorkshire, and we are still struggling to recover from the effects of their attempted coup which split the Party in some areas of this county.

One place was Bingley, near Bradford, where in May 2007 we had polled 647 votes which was 13.2% of the vote. This was meant to be one of the strongholds of the 'plotters' who laughingly call themselves Democratic Nationalists despite their behaviour, which included the theft of the membership list, being anything but democratic. Last night they contested an election in 'their area' and polled just 61 votes which was 1.9%. It was a terrible result, but not quite as bad as UKIP's vote - their candidate polled just 49 votes. I don't think there's much else to be said on the matter, do you?

And now to music! It has finally arrived, or to be more exact, the replacement DVD has finally arrived, as my initial order of the 2001 Steve Marriott Memorial Concert was lost in the post. Tonight I shall sit down with a bottle of Cava and escape for a couple of hours back in to the late 1960s when everything was "all too beautiful". Here's the opening song and a taste of what I shall be listening to . . . It's the first time that I have heard of the Mods band and they seem a very tight outfit, so if any reader of this blog living down south has been to one of their concerts I would like to know what they think of them.


Peter said...

Outstanding, another excellent post Martin.

I have said it earlier here, I hope the BNP officer concerned stays strong in his convictions. All the BNP members in Britain and other Nationalists alike are surely behind him also.

alanorei said...

Thanks Martin, an encouraging post.

The disclosure of the membership list and the actions of the Merseyside force show that the ratlines run deep.

That said, I too have good associations with local officers, though I don't think it is the right time to 'out' myself on Party membership yet. However, they probably know and thus far haven't reacted negatively.