Monday, 8 December 2008

Setting the record straight on that list

AS I have said before on this blog, I seldom visit what I call the crank nationalist websites. And that is because, in the main, they have just one purpose which is to try to undermine the morale of the rank and file membership of the British National Party.

Why the people behind these sites should pursue such a strategy is a mystery to me. The BNP is at the peak of its influence within British politics with seldom a day going by without a Government Minister expressing their concern at the progress that we are making. Internally we have the most competent local officials we have ever had, the Party has never been so effectively structured and on the election front we are becoming a formidable force.

Yet these agitators are not happy. It appears that they don't want the BNP to be successful and this is borne out by a mission statement on one of their websites which calls for a return to the days of John Tyndall. For some newer recruits to British Nationalism that means to pre-1999 when the BNP was a tiny organisation with no popular appeal and a set of policies that the British people had consistently rejected for more than 30 years.

It is almost as if these people are unhappy at our success which makes you question whether some of them are actually nationalists at all. And you might have further doubts if you view some of the comments posted by some 'anonymous' contributors in response to the various reports carried on the sites. Similar comments can be found on any anti-BNP website and it does make you wonder who is actually making the posts.

Well, that's a long-winded preamble to what I want to say, which I believe is important. On Friday evening, I must own up to visiting one of these crank websites and saw a comment posted by Chris Hill. Now I do know that Chris is a nationalist and a couple of years ago was an excellent BNP candidate in Lancaster. He claimed in a comment to a report on the "Arrests in Nottingham" that the Membership List that was published on the Internet wasn't the one that was stolen from the BNP at the end of November 2007 because there were some references to 2008 in it.

I'm afraid Chris is completely wrong and that is why I feel I must set the record straight. The fact that a handful of 2007 dates were changed to 2008 was just rather a pathetic attempt by those illegally posting the list on the Internet to try to cover their tracks. Each week there can be as many as a hundred changes to the list with renewals, resignations, changes of address, additional telephone numbers, skills sheet admissions etc. No two weeks can ever be the same and each week's list has its own very individual 'fingerprint' and that is why there is no doubt which list was leaked. That there were alterations made in an effort to cover tracks only confirms the guilt of those responsible.

In politics, there is never time off and this was no better illustrated than at Borough Park on Saturday afternoon where I went to escape to watch football and try to switch off. There I was accosted by a gentlemen who wanted to know what was going on in Whitehaven!
"There are roads in Kells where there are more houses with 'Vote BNP' posters in the windows that those with Christmas decorations," he delighted in telling me. He was very excited about this and the news soon spread throughout our part of the terraces.

This is, of course, the work of the brilliant Clive Jefferson and his team who are really pulling out all the stops in a County Council by-election that takes place in the west Cumbrian town just before Christmas. There's a real hope here that we can take second place off the Tories and significantly reduce Labour's huge majority. All the latest on this election can be found here

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