Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Quiz of the week

THE week that saw the leaking of the BNP membership list was a nightmare with the telephones constantly ringing and huge numbers of emails to deal with. In amongst those emails was one from a former colleague, Steve Blake, who was one of those who in November 2007 decided that personalities were much more important than the Party and went for an attempted coup in order to oust those people he didn't like from the BNP.

I trashed the email at the time because I wasn't really interested in what someone, who had been prepared to play so fast and loose with the future of British Nationalism, had to say. But now, in the light of the events of last weekend, I re-read the email before completely deleting it and suddenly noticed a glarring ommission, well two actually, can you spot them?

This is what he wrote to me:

"Steve Blake, Ian Dawson, Kenny and Nicholla Smith are totally devastated at the loss of the membership list (sic - They stole it in the first place), the potential damage to the lives and livelihoods of thousands of individuals is unthinkable. We are also appalled and devastated that any of our names are being mentioned by leading figures in the BNP in the public domain as possible culprits of this wanton act. We are taking legal advice on whether those statements are libellous and if so we will pursue those involved. Please remember that we want to get back into the BNP in order to help lead and play our role in taking the Party to greater heights of political success. We want our people to survive and prosper in these islands - our homelands. We weren't playing games when we joined the BNP all those years ago in some cases in our teenage years; we are politically motivated and we want to win and ensure our people have a future for all time to come.
We believe that the leak of the membership list is part a long term plan to disrupt and damage the Party by persons as yet unidentified; we have been doing our digging around and do not believe that this is directly related to the events of December 2007 which were not part of any plot or plan to destabilise the Party but were borne from a clash of personalities and a frustration when it appeared that certain individuals were being "protected" from criticism. The leak and publication of the membership list is an act of unbelievable treachery which we would never for one minute condone or sanction. We trust that the culprit is traced and punished in accordance with the law. Our wishes are with our fellow Party colleagues, friends and members who may be worrying what their own immediate future holds." 

Need any clues . . . ?

Weren't there originally six conspirators?

Maybe Steve had something interesting to tell us after all!

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alanorei said...

Being acquainted in our neck of the woods with one of the four, we felt that this individual had been duped.

However, the original transcript disclosed a year ago is pretty damning. I think that any idea of getting back into the Party is by now a forlorn hope.

Understandably they would like to distance themselves from any legal fallout from due process currently underway.

I doubt if this will be possible. The word 'accessory' comes to mind.