Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Labour's coat trailing exercise

THE Labour Party's dangerous game of inflating our chances of success in the European Elections continued apace yesterday with the findings of Gordon Brown's own poll into how the BNP might fare published in the London Daily News.

You can read it here.

Another briefing, this time talking up our chances in Yorkshire, appeared in the Yorkshire Post and you can read it here.

As long as our supporters understand what this strategy is all about, I'm quite happy for it to continue. "Scaring people into turning out against the BNP," is how such tactics are described by one political pundit.

While it might do that, it is certainly motivating our people at the moment with my inbox full of messages reporting Brown's internal poll and how it has sent our morale sky high. If it has that effect on BNP activists for the next 72 days, then let them play their mind games.

Here are some other comments on this Labour strategy which are worth repeating from election anoraks aligned to the main parties:

"Am I the only person to be deeply cynical whenever "shock private polling" is mentioned??"

"The point of that sort of leak isn't to provide accurate information."

"Why on earth would Labour want to do a coat trailing exercise with a story like this? I can't see what they are aiming at. Maybe they want to generate a backlash"

"Yes, I'd say that it may be a way of managing expectations in advance."

In this office yesterday we hosted an overflow enquiry telephone line and I took half a dozen calls while covering a lunch break. Half of them came from people who had seen the previous night's Look East news programme on our Battle for Britain campaign. It probably shows the importance of fair media coverage for our Party. When we get it, there is an instant response from the public.

And finally please visit Clive Jefferson's excellent blog here. The Penrith activity is another first for the Party in an area where we need to start preparing for the Euro Elections as well as the county council elections.

In Eden five years ago, at the last European Election, we polled 3.1% of the total vote so we need to nearly treble this to ensure victory in the North West on June 4th. Yesterday's activity will certainly start the ball rolling in this process.

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Jack said...

Martin, as a former website moderator who has a particular dislike of the anti indigenous BBC Lie Machine, I can detect a great deal of subtle spin in this piece from them. They firstly start it with a prolonged image of the usual moustachioed suspect, admittedly one of our own posters (I assume) having been drunk under the table by a couple of sailors. The BBC would not have shown an image of Winston churchill in the same way. The Cameron et al sponsored UAF ethnic thug and career layabout Weyman Bennett is wheeled out to give his 'expert opinion' that our rising profile is all due to British jobs (I doubt that Bennett has ever had one)for British workers. The BBC obviously want us to believe that Britain is mainly non white in the same way that they want us to believe Friar Tuck was Asian in their latest pathetic attempt at brainwashing version of Robin Hood. Then there are the usual soundbites; the BNP 'claim', the BNP 'pretend' regarding our growing support? I would have thought recent election results which the BBC obviously dare not mention, speak for themselves. The recent disgraceful protest in Lutonistan gets a mention but not the Islamic parasites who were responsible; the BNP are of course 'taking advantage' of this as if speaking the truth and defending one's Armed Forces is a crime. Finally, the blatant lie that non of this support for BNP is 'translating into votes' through the lying, spinning teeth of David Cowling, Editor of BBC Political Research. So why are you et al running scared and running such a biased piece DC?