Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Pat on the back for the BBC

I CAN'T fault this offering from the BBC on last night's Look East evening news.

What do you think?

BBC Look East

What a contrast, comparing those people at the Battle for Britain evening with the likes of Weyman Bennett and the rather effeminate Labour MEP Richard Howitt. This is something that I'm sure would be noticed by viewers.

The BBC's political analyst David Cowling, said he couldn't see any growth in support for the BNP in the opinion polls and he is probably right. But I don't think that people are too keen on saying that they are going to vote BNP when telephoned, out of the blue, by a complete stranger, especially with the hammering the Party gets in the media.

I'm grateful to Peter Youngman for his take on Constable's The Hay Wain in the light of the changing make-up of the population in East Anglia.

There was no surprise in this office at the outcome of the witch-hunt conducted by Merseyside Police against PC Steven Bettley. Those who were hounding him would not have accepted any other verdict.

I just hope that Steven takes his case all the way to the European Court. This persecution of employees just because of their political beliefs is against the law and if Steven has the staying power he will win his case and get the compensation he is certainly due.

It still amazes me that Merseyside Police have not been criticised for using stolen property and breaching data protection guidelines to victimise one of their own. Surely there should have been a voice from somewhere saying, "this isn't the right thing to do."

And finally . . . the Old Gang parties are uniting in Yorkshire to tackle the BNP, you can read about it here.

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lionart41 said...

Hi Martin,

Maybe there is no signs of growth in the opinion polls, but in the last 23 or so by elections i believe the BNP vote as grown. I think its around the 20% of the popular vote. please correct me if i am wrong.

Also a little of topic but some 10 years ago or more the british people were promised a vote on the european union yet still today the people wait and i think now unless the BNP come to power then we may never have a vote on the EU.I hope the bnp start to push this point more and more over the coming weeks.And that we already are governd by 70% of the laws from the EU.I know this is obvious to the person that follows the everyday politics of life. But there are still many people not aware of this Martin.

many thanks

Hants BNP