Friday, 20 March 2009

Playing the media

AT our Windermere conference back in December when we planned our European Election strategy, I was sitting next to Nick Griffin one lunchtime eating a chicken and chilli stew that he had made himself. It was so hot it nearly blew your head off.

We discussed the developments of the morning's session which had been an extensive run down of our Battle for Britain campaign. This was designed to motivate the British people to make a stand by rekindling the spirit of the Second World War and Britain's finest hour when, with our backs up against the wall, we fought off the enemy.

I said that I thought it was a brilliant idea and would certainly buoy up our own people for the arduous campaigning that lay ahead.

I also said that it was a pity that the media would 'black out' the campaign so that the public wouldn't be aware of it.

"It would have been good for our image for the British National Party to be associated with the songs of the time which are going to be played at our fund raising gatherings," I said.

"It would have been good for our image for the British National Party to be associated with the Spitfire, the symbol of British resistance, a photo of which is to provide the huge back drop at our functions," I said.

"It would have been good for our image for the British National Party to be associated with Winston Churchill and his V for Victory sign which is to appear on our Battle for Britain literature and which you make at the end of your speech," I said.

But the media won't touch our campaign with a barge pole I told the BNP Chairman - "It won't get a mention anywhere."

Nick said that he had a few ideas on how to get around the media black-out by using their enthusiasm to smear us as a way to get our message over to the public. I guess this is what he meant . . .

"There'll be blue birds over . . . . "

"Never in the field of human conflict . . ."

"We shall fight them on the beaches . . ."

The expression hook, line and sinker comes to mind.

Sometimes we don't even have to play the media. In their desperation to smear us the anti-BNP brigade, which is embedded in so many of our national and local newspapers, come up with the goods without even being prompted to do so. There's a classic in yesterday's Cumbrian Newspapers' News & Star.

Our old chum Neil Hodgkinson is the editor and he is very anti-BNP. He falls over backwards to publish anything that is derogatory about the Party, whether he writes it himself or whether it has been sent into his paper by our opponents.

This was a letter published yesterday.

A Labour candidate congratulating a Tory on winning, and praising voters for electing him! It can't get more bizarre than that, can it?

The letter confirms that there is no difference between the Old Gang parties and that they are all the same. This is something we constantly say in our election leaflets and here it is being confirmed by our opponents themselves in a letter to our local newspaper. We couldn't have asked them to do any more.

The BNP don't want to be tarred with the same brush as the Old Gang parties. We want to be seen to be different, so that all those people who have lost their jobs recently (including the 40 at the News & Star office itself) and who are really hurting at the moment, know that the British National Party is very different from the Labour and Tory Governments that have brought Britain to its knees.

I'm certain that the patronising tone of the letter won't go unnoticed either which will alert any readers to its purpose.


alanorei said...

I suggest that 6 groups don't vote BNP:

1. Foreigners, whether by birth or inclination or both, almost 100% of BME members, apart from some admirable exceptions willing to be openly associated with the BNP

2. Home-grown scroungers who know full well that a BNP Government would put them to work on manual labour tasks (and in the case of the males force them to work to support their illegitimate offspring)

3. Wealthy employers and other assorted fat cats on protected large incomes

4. Screamers in the pay of the 'old gangsters,' UNITE, UNISON, the MSM etc.

5. Those who vote 'old gang' from habit

6. Those (probably the largest group until overtaken by Group 1) who habitually never vote, either through defeatism or pre-occupation with other priorities than national deliverance i.e. football, beer and the opposite gender (see Group 2 above).

All of whom are neither use nor ornament when it comes to national survival.

And to whom the following applies:

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen" - Samuel Adams

Anonymous said...

From the article you linked to:

"We also celebrate the fact that Carlisle people have shown themselves to be a modern community, ready to embrace diversity and difference."

It will in the future be said, when people wonder why their is so much tension and unrest, "you voted for it". It will be correct, too. These people do not seem to understand that they are voting in parties that will transform their land beyong recognition.