Thursday, 19 March 2009

Anti-BNP thugs at last being called to account

THE strategy of our opponents with regard to the European Elections has become a little clearer after a BBC Radio programme on Sunday.

I'm grateful to Caroline for the feeds.

The success of the BNP

What's driving the BNP

How to stop the BNP

It seems that British National Party chairman Nick Griffin, is the target. They are upping the stakes in the North West making it a do or die scenario on whether Nick makes it to the European Parliament. Note the prediction that Nick's leadership will be challenged if he fails to get elected.

It's a clear indication where they will be targeting all their efforts which might just play into our hands in Yorkshire and the East and West Midlands.

There's also another development which has taken place in recent weeks. In the past when our opponents targeted our venues to get our meetings cancelled, it went unreported and with no public concern voiced about their Stalinist tactics they were free to carry on with more of the same.

Take a look at this sent in by Elizabeth Lake:

It's a landlord speaking out about the intimidation he received at the hands of the UAF.

Then there's this report in the Leigh Journal.

Here even an anti-BNP protestor is condemning the thuggery of the UAF and the mindless violence it resorted to in the hammer attack on Tony Ward.

There's a shift taking place and the actions of the anti-BNP thugs are at last being called into question.

But this fact seems to have been lost on Labour's Roger Berry the MP for Kingswood in Bristol. When one of his constituents asked him if could could still support the UAF after the violent attack on a BNP member in Leigh, he responded:

"Of course I support Unite Against Fascism! It does not advocate violence, and nor do I."

Talk about being out of touch with reality!

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spiv said...

Dear oh dear, Aunty Beeb's grammar is getting worse, I'm afraid. In the second of those links they state "Professor Ted Cantle of the Community Cohesion Institute has been warning the main political parties that they're failure to take on the BNP is partly to blame for the recent successes of the far right party."

Quite embarrasing really!! And also just what is a "Community Cohesion Institute"? Common Purpose in action here?