Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Muslim youngsters on church visit? . . . I think not

There's an interesting report in The Sun this morning which can be found here.

It's interesting because you wonder what the average Sun reader is going to make of it.

The purpose of the report is to show how 'open-minded' and 'free-thinking' White British youngsters are in the 'BNP city" of Stoke. But I just wonder if that's how it will be perceived.

I can't image Muslim children sitting around a Church of England vicar while he explains about Christianity and I don't expect many readers of The Sun can either. This leads us to the conclusion that these unfortunate British children are just being exploited for political ends.

There's another interesting snippet in the Daily Telegraph. What do you make of this?

My take on it is that there have been too many letters sent in recently to The Torygraph that have been sympathetic to the British National Party and it wants to frighten off any would-be deserters to the BNP with this Marxist nonsense.

Of course the newspaper's leader writer Singleton, leaves out the all important word 'International' and he has done so deliberately. You can't have Marxism without it, and the BNP's nationalist agenda makes it impossible for us to be Marxist.

I'm grateful to Michael Barnbrook, the BNP's spokesman on Policing and Crime for keeping me updated on his efforts to expose the smear tactics of the Labour Party and their acolytes working for The Independent newspaper. This his update:

"With reference to my complaint to the Tonbridge Race Hate Unit regarding the alleged comments in The Independent by a Labour activist by the name of Lesley Dyball.
"Constable Nova O'Leary from the unit telephoned me on 16th March, 2009, to inform me that she has spoken to Ms Dyball about her alleged comments that BNP supporters chanted "blacks out" after the result was declared.
"According to Constable O'Leary, although Ms Dyball did make a complaint of a racist incident having taken place, at no stage did she mention or implicate the British National Party as having been involved in the incident.
"It appears therefore, that in addition to the photograph that appeared in the same article that attracted over one thousand complaints to the Press Complaints Commission, Ms Dyball is alleging that she has been misquoted by Jerome Taylor, the journalist who wrote the article.
"I intend to make a further complaint to the Press Complaints Commission alleging that the sole intention of the article appears to be no more than an attempt to demonise the British National Party."

Great stuff from Michael showing all the instincts of a former policeman dedicated to uncovering the truth!

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alanorei said...

Thanks, Martin

Michael Barnbrook is certainly doing an excellent job. A local PCSO stopped by at our display in Redcar on Monday and was apparently very supportive.

The Singleton article was a concoction of the usual unsubstantiated dogma. Migrationwatch has estimated (a couple of years back) that the total net contribution to the economy made by foreign workers was less than £1 billion per annum i.e. less than 1% of GDP.

And today we are told that the country has 2 million unemployed. How is imported cheap labour justified then? Only by the operative word cheap, which enables the employers to be among the "us rich" that Singleton refers to.

He seemed to get a good hammering in the comments section, which is encouraging.