Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Another £2 million spent on discriminating against British people

APPARENTLY our Fire and Rescue Service's main challenge isn't to save and rescue people any more . . . it's about meeting new equality and diversity targets!

New recruitment targets have been announced for the Fire and Rescue Service because representation and promotion rates for people from the ethnic minorities is still too low.

The Fire Minister Sadiq Khan said that the biggest challenge to the Fire and Rescue Authorities was to improve their performance on equality and diversity by meeting the new ethnic minority recruitment target of 2 to 5% above the percentage of the population . . . a target that would make nearly one-in-five of those working in the service either Black or Asian.

His Department is making £2million available to make sure these targets are met.

John Evans (above), the British National Party's candidate in the Wanstead by-election for Redbridge Council, must be rubbing his hands with delight this morning.

For last night the local newspaper, the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian, gave his campaign the greatest boost it could ever have wanted when it reported that politicians from the Old Gang Parties in Redbridge were uniting to campaign against the BNP.

What better endorsement could a candidate have than to be criticised by the discredited political parties that have brought our country to its knees?

Just read what the Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrats dinosaurs had to say:

Council leader and Conservative party head Alan Weinberg said: “Something that unites all the main political parties in Redbridge is our condemnation of groups like the BNP.

Labour leader Cllr Elaine Norman said she thought the party were fielding the candidate in preparation for the upcoming European elections. She added: “They have been leafleting around Wanstead with leaflets focusing on Europe recently.
“I’m disappointed that an extremist fascist party are standing but we will strongly fight against them.”

Redbridge’s Liberal Democrat leader, Cllr Hugh Cleaver, added his concerns.
He said: “I would hope they won’t get much support in the area, we don’t have any time for their views and outlook at all.
“I hope that they don’t get very far."

The newspaper even invited our old friend Gerry Gable, of Searchlight, for a comment and he said: “They're a party with a fascist ideology. I would say to people in Wanstead don’t waste your vote on them.”

Not surprisingly, the comments section on the newspaper's website was quickly filled with messages left by voters saying that any political party that was opposed by all three main parties was the one they wanted to vote for.

But what was surprising was that the majority of these pro-BNP comments were then deleted from the website, leaving just the ones that were critical of the BNP!

Fancy trying to redress the balance . . . .then click here.

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alanorei said...

Re: anti-BNP politicians, trough snouters all.

They'd give the pigs in Animal Farm a run for their money.