Monday, 16 March 2009

Inciting violence against the BNP

I REGARD myself as a Christian. I was baptised, confirmed, married in a church, go to church at Easter and Christmas and try to uphold traditional Christian values.

But this morning, once again, I'm ashamed of those 'men of the cloth' who claim to be Christians yet whose attitude to the British National Party has prompted the sort of violence against BNP members that was seen over the weekend in Leigh.

The Church of England, when it banned BNP clergy was in fact declaring an open season on BNP members. It was giving a green light to those who oppose the BNP to persecute any members and supporters of the Party both by discrimination at work and by physical attack on the street.

The appeal above probably incited someone to attack Tony Ward with a claw hammer. And it was the ban of BNP clergy orchestrated by Vasantha Gnanadoss (below) that has given the impression that members of the BNP are 'beyond salvation'.

Some might take these as too strong words, so let me tell you more.

Alistair Barbour was out canvassing in Castle Ward in Carlisle just after the Synod's ruling on the BNP. He called upon a local vicarage and was met by a vicar who was beside himself with anger when he saw Alistair's rosette.

"You are the anti-Christ," he said. "The BNP is the Devil Incarnate that has been sent to cause carnage on earth."

I kid you not. A vicar who the following Sunday got up in his pulpit and preached to a congregation who were hanging on his every word 'as gospel', believed that a BNP candidate was the anti-Christ and that the BNP was the Devil Incarnate.

If such an attitude is not inciting violence against the membership of the British National Party, I don't know what is.

ADD ON: It's just gone mid-day and I have received this link which shows that not all churches are against the British National Party. What a great report for the April issue of Freedom.

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alanorei said...

Re: ""You are the anti-Christ," he said. "The BNP is the Devil Incarnate that has been sent to cause carnage on earth.""

A lie.

Any KJB believer knows that no BNP member could be "the anti-Christ."

The racial identity of the final anti-Christ is found in Revelation 13. He is a male of mixed race, like Judas Iscariot, of Kerioth in Moab, the biblical location of a racially mixed Semitic-Hamitic people, though the anti-christ has some Caucasian blood as well.

In other words, the anti-Christ cannot be a WASP Englishman.

Since the anti-christ is also the most frequently described individual in the bible apart from the Lord Jesus Christ, the vicar is a scripture ignoramus and a bible illiterate, in addition to being a craven liar.

You have my permission to forward the above to the cleric in question, Martin.

In fact, the greatest 'type' of the final anti-christ in the world today, racially, is none another than the internationally acclaimed 'good guy' and global hero of the hour, Barack Hussein Obama (18 letters, 666).

This is not hard to prove and I will happily forward a scriptural study on the topic to anyone interested in biblical, racial and historical fact.

The basis for the study has been around in the modern era since 1960, in the form of a book entitled Mark of the Beast by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, published by the Bible Baptist Bookstore, Pensacola, FL.

Contemporary Anglican vicars and equivalent entities (like the foreign woman with the foreign name) have no more understanding of these matters than a Central African witch doctor and probably less.

Don't upset yourself, Martin. The current C of E peanut gallery isn't worth it.