Friday, 13 March 2009

Still on course in the North West

I EXPECT that Nick Griffin has already been on the telephone to Clive Jefferson this morning thanking him and his team of twenty-five activists for their efforts in St Helens on Wednesday which just about kept the British National Party on target to win a North West seat in the European Parliament on June 4th.

Nick is the lead BNP candidate for the region and Clive is the North West's Election Officer. On hearing that our campaign in St Helens was in trouble, Clive organised a day of action just 24 hours before polling day and campaigners from Cumbria, Manchester and Liverpool rallied around distributing more than 9,000 leaflets in a manic 8 hour session.

And their efforts just about paid off with the BNP's percentage across the two wards around the 8% mark required to get Nick elected.

Clive was particularly pleased with the 10% in Parr ward which hadn't been fought before.

"Parr is very promising for the future. Two people actually came out and joined up on the spot, others wanted newspapers and posters and at least 4 ladies came out when they saw my rosette to say their family would be voting BNP.
"There were some good local people who had worked hard with what they had, but with no local leaflets until the last minute it was always going to be an uphill struggle. This could be a very good ward for the BNP next time around,"
he said.

Here are the results:

Parr Ward
Andy Bowden (Labour) 851
Barry Dodd (Liberal Democrat) 551
Paul Telford (BNP) 183
Mark Arnold (Independent) 98
Madeleine Wilcock (Conservative) 55
Andrea Pennington (Green) 27
BNP Percentage: 10.4%
May 2008: Lab 1251, Lib-Dem 506, Con 212.

Rainhill Ward
Barrie Grunewald (Labour) 1562
Denise Aspinall (Liberal Democrat) 1059
Stephen Bligh (Conservative) 512
Eric Swindells (BNP) 215
David Rothwell (Green) 80
BNP Percentage: 6.3%
May 2008: Lab 1740, Con 877, Lib-Dem 455, BNP 299.

A couple of interesting articles in this morning's Tribune Magazine.

One is an editorial here. The other is the usual rant from our old friend Glyn Ford here.


Anonymous said...

The Rainhill ward looks like the Lib Dems picked up the 'protest votes'...this is SAD! They're probably more 'multi-culti' and Europhillic than Labour.

Keith said...

Just read the article and comments on the "Tribune Magazine" and on Glyn Fords article and I felt a warm glow inside me knowing that there are an awful lot of BNP supporters out there. There isn't one comment in support of the articles, and I'm surprised that they haven't "deleted" all the comments.

Me? Of course I'll be voting BNP. I just received my notification from the "Department of Works and Pensions" that my Old Age Pension is to go up on April 6 by much less than the cost of living. So I'll be worse off next year (again!) under Nu-Labour.

Keep up the good work Martin.