Monday, 9 March 2009

Standing up to the bullies

THIS is the front page of the March issue of Freedom which is out today. I make no apologies for including the photograph from our papersale in Exeter for the second month running. It's a cracking image that not only shows our support for British jobs for British workers but is also a great advertisement for the British National Party at the same time. The front page report, which continues on page two, explains why protectionism is the only way to safeguard the economy and secure financial stability.

Our opponents were up to their dirty tricks at the weekend using bully boy tactics to threaten venues hosting BNP events. If this was Zimbabwe and it was Robert Mugabe using such methods to try to silence an opposition party, the media would be up in arms crying 'foul'. As it is us, the Bristol Evening Post just talks about as our opponents as "good-natured protestors".

It is enough to make you want to spit! These people are in fact acting like the very nazis they claim us to be - denying freedom of speech and assembly to those whose political views they don't agree with.

But I'm glad to report that we are standing up to this sort of bullying, and the mis-reporting of the BNP by our opponents in the media.

Former police inspector Michael Barnbrook, who was our excellent candidate in Bexley in January and was just pipped by 8 votes from winning a safe Tory seat, is taking on a lying Labour former councillor. Here is a press release I received this morning.

"Michael Barnbrook, Bexley Branch, today made an allegation to the Kent Constabulary Racial Incident unit of a race hate crime.
The allegation relates to an article by Jerome Taylor in The Independent newspaper published on Saturday 21st February, 2009, reporting the victory of the British National Party in the Sevenoaks District, Swanley Council By Election on Thursday 19th February, 2009.
The article quotes a Labour activist by the name of Lesley Dyball claiming that British National Supporters chanted "blacks out" after the result was declared at Swanley Town Hall.
Michael was a polling agent at Swanley Civic Centre, where the count took place, between 7.30am and 11. 30pm. He was in the Civic Centre during and after the result had been announced and is emphatic that no such incident took place.
There were three police officers on duty at the count, including an Inspector, a Sergeant and a Constable, who, if such an incident did take place , would surely have reported the incident and made arrests.
The Returning Officer actually thanked everyone at the count for the smooth manner in which it had been conducted.
Michael is alleging that the comments allegedly made by Lesley Dyball, if the article is correct, amount to an intention to stir up racial hatred, an offence under the Public Order Act, 1986. He is asking for a full investigation to take place into the allegations made in the newspaper article.
Michael is prepared to make a statement and attend court to give evidence, if necessary.
Michael is requesting that all members present at the count contact the Kent Constabulary Racial Incident Reporting Line on 0800 138 1624 to complain about the newspaper article and request an investigation."

Great stuff - showing that we won't be bullied or lied about.

And on a similar theme I am delighted to report a couple of responses to the shocking anti-BNP diatribe printed in the Cumbrian News and Star just two days before polling took place in a couple of Carlisle by-elections where our candidates were standing.

My colleague John Bean wrote to the editor:

"It is not the BNP that I find 'revolting' but the crypto-Marxist Neil Hodgkinson who makes a habit of interfering in the electoral procedure by smearing the BNP, but never the Labour, Tory or Lib-Dem parties.
He writes of the BNP, "The party refuses to give respect to the millions who lost their lives fighting the Nazis..."
As a senior member of the BNP I certainly have no love for the Nazis. My family and I were bombed out in 1940 in the London blitz (two of us had superficial wounds) and my father then sent us to live in Ambleside, where I attended Kelsick Grammar School - together with 400 girls evacuated from Newcastle.
In March 1945 I was accepted for RAF Aircrew Reserve, but not old enough to see action.
So please Mr Hodgkinson do not infer that I would not give respect to those who lost their lives fighting the Nazis."

Another response to the smear came from Iris Chalenor and Ian Walsh. They wrote to the Press Complaints Commission.

Interference in Democracy - Cumbrian News & Star.
We wish to register a complaint against the News & Star of Cumbrian Newspapers, Dalston Road, Carlisle, CA2 5UA.
Please find enclosed a printout from their website.
Some of the comments are just terminological inexactitudes, the most diabolical being "The party refuses to give respect to the millions who lost their lives fighting the Nazis…". In actual fact Nick Griffin requested members and supporters to assist in the British Legion Poppy Appeal and purchase and wear a poppy. Many veterans of the Second World War are proud members of the British National Party.
Other comments are derogatory to the many citizens of Cumbria who chose to support and vote for the British National Party.
Such an article only a few days before two important by-elections in the city can only be designed to affect the result of the elections.
Will you please take our complaint forward.

Great responses again showing that we won't be bullied by the opposition and their agents in the media.

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alanorei said...

Re: The front page report, which continues on page two, explains why protectionism is the only way to safeguard the economy and secure financial stability.

Both Brown, when addressing Congress and Mandelson have publicly stated their opposition to protectionism. They continue to want to destroy both Britain's economy and the British nation.

Re: Mugabe, well, I don't know about criticism by the media. They can afford the occasional note of disapproval but for fairly obvious reasons that don't apply to the BNP, RM can really do no wrong in the eyes of the world's press.

I wrote to The Star to ask Mr Hodgkinson to define 'racism' objectively and to point out that BNP members attend Remembrance Day ceremonies each year and place wreaths.

Apart from the paper's asking me for my address, I don't expect a response.