Friday, 6 March 2009

When am I going to learn?

Bitterly disappointed this morning.

Bitterly disappointed with myself for breaking, for the umpteenth time, the number one commandment of electioneering . . . .

Thou shalt not be over optimistic about your election prospects.

When am I going to learn? Since 1976, and the Walsall North by-election, I have been getting over optimistic about election results - committing the cardinal sin of nationalist politics - believing that the impossible can be achieved, when I should be happy with just achieving the improbable. I had thought that in recent years I had conquered this shortcoming in my character, but obviously that isn't the case.

Last night in this office when the result of the Carlisle Castle ward by-election came through on the Vote-2007 website I should have been punching the air and dancing around shouting: "YES! - 20% in a ward we have never fought before. We are on course for a seat in the European Parliament." Instead I felt a little deflated, having hoped to poll even better and take second place off Labour.

And I should have been just as happy when the Belah result came through. Doubling our vote from two years ago and polling 10% in a ward that is true blue Tory. But then again here I was hoping for 12%, so still wasn't satisfied.

My sin was compounded furthermore by the announcement of my over-optimistic expectations on this website burdening nearly 2,000 other people with the same unrealistic hope for the Castle ward election.

I fully deserve the ridicule that appears on the pages of various political forums this morning as our opponents snigger: "The BNP believed their own hype over Castle ward", although in fairness it wasn't all our own hype but that of The Independent newspaper as well. This in itself is an interesting point and is a story for another blog. At the back of my mind I have the feeling that it might signify a change of tack by our opponents.

Well, that's my sackcloth and ashes bit over with. Will I learn from this mistake? Well, I haven't yet after 33 years, so please don't hold your breath.

The big picture for the European Elections is looking very good and I was able to snatch a few words with Nick Griffin yesterday morning while leafletting and he said that every aspect of our campaign is on target. Yesterday afternoon Tina spoke with Jean Griffin at fundraising and she reported that two huge mailbags of donation envelopes had just been delivered by Royal Mail. The new Euro-Election orientated BNP website should be launched next week and the website continues to attract record numbers of visitors.

It has been another excellent week for the British National Party - let's just hope Workington Reds can provide the icing on the cake with a victory at Gainsborough tomorrow afternoon.


alanorei said...

What goes up brick by brick (over 60+ years since WW2) sometimes has to come down brick by brick, Martin, unless the whole corrupt edifice suddenly collapses in a late-Fred-Dibnah type spectacle (which it yet might).

In the meantime, keep on brickin'.

Had a good time in Redcar today, Dormanstown Ward. You'll know more soon.

Natioidpatasia said...

Exactly like in France with the "Front National" of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the newspapers are used to write slanderous articles about the BNP.

As I write daily on a patriotic website (Nations Presse Info), yesterday afternoon I wrote this article about the last four by-elections (

Of course I wrote too about the European Elections on June 4th.

I think that it is important to speak about BNP in France because the French media are used to smear all the patriotic political parties. When french televisions or newspapers speak or write about BNP, they repeat exactly the same lies or voluntarily biased informations like those in UK.

I wish you good luck for the european elections in the huge North-West euro-circonscription.