Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Is there a record number of BNP candidates standing in Carlisle?

Just to stop people complaining, here's the other half of the centre page spread of our European Election candidates that appears in the May issue of Freedom.

ANOTHER excellent article this morning on the main website from my long-term political colleague, Steve Johnson. When it comes to the effects of globalisation, both economic and social, Steve knows how to spell it out and make it interesting to read.

I first met him thirty years ago, when he turned up one day out of the blue to help with our campaign in the Lewes constituency in East Sussex for the 1979 General Election, where I was election agent for our superb candidate, Betty Webb. He was rather an eccentric character, but a brilliant writer, and despite all the division and turmoil within nationalist politics over the next 15 years, we always seemed to end up on the same side, which was no mean feat.

I'm delighted that Steve is getting more involved now. He has enjoyed a success career in business, but now feels now, as we all do, that significant political change is in the air and that the British National Party might be on the verge of its long-awaited breakthrough.

I'm off to do my bit for that breakthrough this morning by helping to get the signatures for our seven (yes, still only seven, I'm afraid) candidates for the Cumbria County Council elections in Allerdale. I heard last night that another record number of BNP candidates will be standing in Carlisle for the same authority. That's going to be some news that will be difficult to ignore for our pathetically anti-BNP local newspaper up here, the News & Star.

As I'll be out of the office for much of the time over the next five weeks, I shall try to do an update to this blog each evening as well. In the morning bulletin I shall say what we hope to achieve during the day, and in the evening tell you how successful we have been. It will provide a good incentive to get things done.

There's a council by-election in Sheffield on Thursday, and if anyone knows how our campaign is going I would be grateful if they could drop me a line. South Yorkshire likes to keep its cards close to its chest as far as letting Freedom know what's going on in the region.

Back later if there's anything to report.

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