Monday, 27 April 2009

Salford says "Thank you"

Don't say you didn't see it first on this website!

This is one half of the centre page double spread of our European Election candidates in the May issue of Freedom. The newspaper is at the printers as I write and delivery to the units is promised for May 1st.

The front page headline is "Take care of our old folk" and calls for care homes to brought back into the public sector and for our elderly to be looked after in a way their lifetime of service to the nation and paying of their tax, deserves.

It could be a good issue to get out to postal voters in the first two weeks in May.

Congratulations are due to the readers of this blog who rallied around to support Salford BNP with the funding of its vital local council by-election on May 21st, just two weeks before the Euro poll.

Candidate Gary Tumulty, told me last night:

"We have been around the Irwell Riverside ward leafleting and have put out over 7500 leaflets. The response has been excellent with many people coming out in support and shaking my hand and saying they will be voting for us in the by-election and then again for the European Elections.

"Locals have told me of an issue they have with a park in the ward which I have acted upon and people will see that the British National Party listens and gets things sorted out.

"For the Euro elections we are going around the whole of Salford visiting the postal voters with our message and we now have our own "Truth Trailer" which we will be using in the by-election and the European Elections. I will send you a photo when we have one taken.

"I would like to thank you as well for the appeal that you ran on your blog and to all those who contributed to the Irwell by-election fund. We received a considerable amount of money to help us on our way, and even had our colour election address paid for by Bury BNP."

I would like to reiterate what Gary says and to thank all those who contributed to the fund. And full marks to the British National Party in Bury - it's a great example of how units are working together in the North West.

I'm on telephone duty, as well as election duty, today as Tina is on a course in Leicestershire.

My main job this morning is preparing the county council electorial divsion maps for the seven seats we are contesting. I'm still hopeful that it might be eight, and there's even an outside chance it might be nine, but there's no arm-twisting on my part, it's up to those concerned whether they come forward to stand or not.

Back with more news tomorrow.

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