Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Guess what Harriet and Eric decided!

IT'S difficult not to get cross when you see the Old Gang Parties and their anti-BNP acolytes manipulating the media.

Last night on Channel 4 News, a rather frightening looking individual from Searchlight announced, out of the blue, that voters were showing their anger at the abuse of the MP's expenses system by switching their support to UKIP and not the BNP. He then went on to suggest that the level of BNP support was now lower that it was in 2004!

Interviewer Jon Snow let both statements go unchallenged.

Then, in this morning's Daily Express, we have another report saying that disillusioned voters are turning to UKIP rather than the BNP. You can read here what Labour insiders are claiming!

And, of course, late yesterday afternoon Lord Tebbit suggested that the public should punish MPs from all the main parties by voting for UKIP at the Euro-Elections.

So just like five years ago, suddenly UKIP is being talked up again . . . I wonder why?

Could it have anything to do with the meeting that took place yesterday morning between Labour's deputy leader, Harriet Harman and Eric Pickles of the Tories? A meeting to decide on a specific cross-party strategy to try to stop the British National Party getting MEPs elected on June 4th.

Thankfully not all journalists are swallowing the bait.

UKIP is the most corrupt of all the political parties. Its percentage of crooked MEPs makes even Labour, the Tories and Lib-Dems look squeaky clean.

As Fiona Hamilton points out in today's issue of The Times:

"However, the party is itself vulnerable on the issue of politicians’ expenses, given that Ashley Mote, a UKIP MEP, was imprisoned in 2007 for falsely claiming £65,000 in welfare benefits. Last month another UKIP MEP, Tom Wise, was charged with false accounting and money laundering over allegations that he misused nearly £40,000 in expenses.

You can read the full report here.

We are quite excited this morning as the BNP's Euro leaflet is expected to be delivered. Yesterday while we were out and about we could see both The Greens and UKIP's leaflets on the door mat. Tonight there is the first of our two television broadcasts.

Thoroughly enjoyable day yesterday with 500 postal voters in Harrington, Clifton and Stainburn receiving a copy of Freedom and another 1000 plus British jobs for British workers leaflets put out. Off to Maryport West this morning, and then back to finish off High Harrington this afternoon.

And finally a nice bit off gossip from the ward I'm contesting, Moss Bay. Over the weekend Barbara Cannon, the leader of the Labour group on Cumbria County Council and one of my opponents, went to see the ward's most respected community campaigner.

"I hope I can count on your vote," says Barbara.

"No, I'm afraid, you can't," came the swift reply. "This time I shall be voting for the British National Party."

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