Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Our Magnificent Seven

Stephen Stoddart, Tina Wingfield, Paul Stafford.
Glen Brew, Martin Wingfield, Carl Edgar, Vince Richardson.

A SINGLE telephone call at twenty past two yesterday afternoon has transformed our election campaign here in Allerdale.

Derek Butler from Newark was on the other end of the line and he, along with wife Gina and a group of friends called the Sherwood Bandits, were calling to pledge to underwrite any shortfall in our Allerdale Election Appeal, allowing us to go ahead straight away and order an election address for each our seven candidates.

It is a magnificent gesture and I'm hoping that they won't be too much out of pocket. The Appeal to date has raised £200. If you can help us with a donation it would be very gratefully received and help 'soften the blow' on what Derek and Gina have to find. Please make your cheque payable to British National Party and send to The Secretary, PO Box 107, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 0YA. Please make sure you state that the donation is for the Allerdale Election Appeal.

The campaign is now in full swing with the release of the candidates by Cumbria County Council yesterday morning.

This is our battleground:

Harrington Clifton & Stainburn
Allan Caine (Liberal-Democrat)
Robert Hardon (Conservative)
Marjorie Rae (Labour)
Vincent Richardson (British National Party)

Maryport East
Keith Little (Labour)
John Stanyer (Conservative)
Tina Wingfield (British National Party)

Maryport West
Bill Cameron (Labour)
Carl Edgar (British National Party)
Jacqueline Mounsey (Conservative)
John Peel (Independent)
John Rivers (Liberal Democrat)

Glen Brew (British National Party)
Gerald Humes (Labour)
Denis Robertson (Independent)
Eddie Woodthorpe (Conservative)

Moss Bay
John Bracken (Independent)
Barbara Cannon (Labour)
Ian Francis (Liberal Democrat)
Judy Prest (Conservative)
Martin Wingfield (British National Party)

St Johns
Michael Davidson (Conservative)
Joe Holliday (Labour)
Stephen Stoddart (British National Party)

Joe Cowell (Conservative)
John Crouch (Labour)
Paul Stafford (British National Party)

Yesterday Paul Stafford and Stephen Stoddart started leafleting Moss Bay ward where I'm standing at 10.00am. At 5.00pm they had just finished.

I was on postal vote duty drawing up the final two lists for Harrington, Stainburn and Clifton and Moor Close. Delivering Freedom and relevant postal voter leaflets to these 1000+ addresess is our priority over the next few days. What a relief when these are out of the way.

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