Thursday, 28 May 2009

The media onslaught

SOAKED to the skin. Faced by an endless row of houses winding up the steep Harrington hill to the aptly called High Harrington, and then I saw it. Another BNP poster in a window and suddenly the rain doesn't seem so heavy and the road not so long.

It was a difficult day yesterday. My broadband was down early doors so I couldn't post on this blog. The problems with the website seem to have affected my emails as I'm not getting any through. The constant rain meant we were drenched through after just a few minutes leafletting and although we kept going for over four hours in the end we had to stop early when the conditions became impossible. To make matters even worse I slipped on a step and ricked my already problematic back which just makes even the simplest task that much harder.

The only plus is that the candidate cards are ideal for wet conditions. No folding, just straight from the bag into the letterbox and despite the conditions were arriving in pristine condition.

It's a massive day today and the weather is just about holding at the moment. A huge shift could claw back some valuable time and an excellent forecast for the weekend will also help.

The constant media barrage continues unabated with the predicted front page story on the BNP's finances in this morning's issue of The Times. Can you believe the gall of this newspaper when there are over 600 MPs ripping off the taxpayer for millions of pounds, they are investigating our meagre finances.

Cameron's attack on us at least shows that he is hearing on the doorstep what we are hearing. A future Prime Minister and leader of a Party with a 20% lead in the polls shouldn't be creating headlines by attacking a Party that according to the last opinion poll was showing just 1% support (ICM/Guardian).

Would you like an idea of the media onslaught that the British National Party is facing, then just click here. Thousands of negative stories revealed by Google in less than a fifth of a second.

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