Tuesday, 26 May 2009

'Media's fury' will add a million viewers

OUR final Allerdale candidate card is featured this morning and it is for Tina who is standing in Maryport East.

Steve Harris is her election agent once again, as he was in 2007, and he has been busy working hard within the Electoral Division to maximise our vote on June 4th.

Maryport East is made up of the borough council wards of Ellenborough and Ewanrigg and we fought both these 2 years ago.

It was the first time that Labour had been challenged in a borough council election in the town for 12 years and we were rewarded by two votes of 30%.

Here are the candidates and stats:

Cumbria County Council
Maryport East
Thursday 4th June 2009
Keith Little (Labour)
John Stanyer (Conservative)
Tina Wingfield (British National Party)

COUNTY 2005: Keith Little (Lab) 2044, Derek Pattinson (Con) 421.
Ellenborough Ward: Janice Wood (Lab) 635, Martin Wood (Lab) 580, Martin Wingfield (BNP) 342.
Ewanrigg Ward: Carl Holding (Lab) 610, Carneem McCarron (Lab) 572, Tina Wingfield (BNP) 276.

While Keith Little appears to have an unassailable lead on the county result from four years ago, if you take the votes from two years, things are much closer. Labour's best vote is 1,245 against our 618 which make things look slightly more competitive.

"Hole in my Shoe" was s 60's song by Traffic and I have one after leafleting yesterday. Just hoping it doesn't rain to day or I'll have a wet right foot! - at the moment the weather looks OK.

Thanks to the Daily Mail and the The Sun, our broadcast is guaranteed to be the most watched PPB of any Party.

The media loves that word 'fury' when describing people's reaction to something that the naughty BNP has done. It certainly makes any headline an attention grabber.

We have scored some own goals of our own during this campaign but thankfully they have been matched by our opponents and their friends in the media.

Make sure you tell everyone you know about the broadcast tonight. It might just prove to be a pivotal point in British politics.

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