Sunday, 24 May 2009

Opposing the Islamification of Britain

THIS first words I heard this morning when my radio alarm went off were read by a newsreader concerning the Archbishop of Canterbury telling voters not to support the British National Party.

But I didn't have time to feel any disappointment at this intrusion into the European Election campaign by a clergy which has always had its own politically correct agenda.

That was because the BBC ended the brief news item with a quote from a British National Party spokesman saying that the BNP was the only political party campaigning against the Islamification of Britain.

Dare I hope that this will be the phrase that sticks in the mind of anyone listening to this report?

Text from Nick Griffin last night at quarter past nine enthusing over the response he had received yesterday when he and the Truth Truck had visited Whitehaven.

This photo is taken early morning in nearby Cleator Moor so it's no wonder that Clive Jefferson who is a candidate here, can't hide his delight that the Chairman of the British National Party has come to support his campaign. Bill Pugh is a Whitehaven candidate and he seems to be impatient to get the Truth Truck to the coast to start campaigning there.

There is a growing unease amongst workers at the near-by Sellafield nuclear plant over foreign contractors bringing in foreign workers and with many Sellafield employees living in the borough of Copeland, our full slate of candidates in the county council elections might just provide the ideal protest vote (with or without the Archbishop's blessing.)

I was out on my own yesterday in Wigton, pounding the pavements delivering the candidate cards for our candidate Paul Stafford. He couldn't be there because he was attending the ceremony to swear in his wife, Debbie, as Wigton's Deputy Mayor - something that certainly won't do his campaign in the Wigton county council seat any harm at all.

Our Allerdale candidate card this morning is for Stephen Stoddart our representative in Workington's St John's Ward.

This ward should provide us with our best result in Allerdale. Clive Jefferson fought a borough council by-election here in November of last year and secured a very promising 20% of the vote. Todd, as Stephen is called locally, is very well known on his patch and he will certainly attract a personal vote which could just take us within striking distance of the Labour and Conservative candidates.

Here are the election stats:
Cumbria County Council
St Johns Electoral Division
Michael Davidson (Conservative)
Joe Holliday (Labour)
Stephen Stoddart (British National Party)

County 2005: James Samson (Lab) 1345, John Heathcote (Con) 984.
Borough 2008: Gerald Humes 452, Simon Collins 394, Clive Jefferson (BNP) 257, John Bracken (Ind) 113, Alistair Grey (Green) 55.
Borough 2007: Joseph Holliday (Lab) 788, Michael Davidson (Con) 780, John Heathcote (Con) 698, Konrad Hansen (Lab) 418.

There doesn't seem to be any real nasties in newspapers this morning, I expect they are being saved up for next weekend.

There was this carried in a report in The Sunday Times:

"The market is closing up and hard rain falls on the shoppers. Brynley McDonald, 63, sells DVDs from his stall. He has always voted Labour, but not this time.“They’ve no control over anything – like immigration, it’s just chaos,” he says. “I’m thinking about BNP. We look after everybody who comes in and we treat our own like crap.
”Two unemployed men in their fifties are both considering BNP. One was a builder: immigrants take builders’ jobs. His mate, Paul Brooksbank, worked on the railways until five years ago. He hates what has happened to the industry.
“People don’t work for the love of the job any more, the love of the railways.
”It is another big theme: the collapse of ethos. That, after all is what has happened at Westminster where, to quote Flaubert, there are people who would pay to be bought.
Outside the Golden Lion, the lunchtime smokers and drinkers all want to have their say. Awful, embittered stories of NHS and welfare persecution tumble out. Mention expenses and half of them cry: “Snouts in the trough!”
Noreen Stanley, a cleaner, says MPs should get £7 an hour. Here, too, some are veering towards the BNP, though Noreen and her husband Leon say they will stick with Labour out of habit, but “they’re all the same”.

You can read the full report here.

The Sunday Express reports:

"The Sunday Express survey also suggests that a disillusioned 55 per cent would not vote at all.
Among those intending to vote, the BNP picked up 38.4 per cent support compared to 19.2 per cent for Labour.
The result, in what was a safe Labour seat, gives the Tories 13.4 per cent of the vote, the Liberal Democrats 10.7 per cent and the Greens and the UK Independent Party 7.1 per cent each.
If the result is repeated across the North-West in next month’s European Parliament elections Mr Griffin will be elected to Brussels."

You can read that full report here.

There's more leafleting with candidate cards tomorrow in all seven Allerdale seats and then the process of targeting wards to get them completed starts in earnest on Tuesday.

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