Saturday, 23 May 2009

A broadcast to stir the nation

WOW! What a broadcast! If our European Election PPB doesn't stir the nation, I just don't know what will.

It's brilliant and must strike a chord with the majority of British people.

Yesterday I was in the Salterbeck part of my Moss Bay ward putting out election cards. This part of the ward in on a hill so at every house you are either going up steps or coming down steps. Very good for improving fitness levels but also very tiring. We had been hoping to complete this section, but in the end only managed about half.

Over the Whit bank holiday all seven wards will see the candidate cards being put out. I shall do a couple of hours in Wigton this morning if the rain holds off.

And now for today's featured electoral division - Maryport West. This is the candidate card for Carl Edgar who has also been one of our key activists over the past three weeks.

Maryport West must have one of the oldest sitting councillors in the country in Bill Cameron . . . and he's standing again.

These are the candidates:

Cumbria County Council
Maryport West
Bill Cameron (Labour)
Carl Edgar (British National Party)
Jacqueline Mounsey (Conservative)
John Peel (Independent)
John Rivers (Liberal Democrat)
County 2005: Bill Cameron (Lab) 1706, Neville Lishman (Con) 615
Borough 2007: Labour candidates returned unopposed.

Back in 2007 at the borough council elections, Tina and I stood in Ellenborough and Ewanrigg wards which make up Maryport East. We didn't have candidates for either Netherhall or Flimby, which make up Maryport West, and received quite a bit of stick for not putting up a candidate there from those residents who complained that once again, for the 12th year running, they didn't have a chance to vote.

Well there's certainly a contest this time around and I think that Carl Edgar will poll very well.

The Palace publicity stunt is running and running with even a cartoon in The Sun yesterday of Nick Griffin. When you are personally lampooned in a cartoon in Britain's biggest circulation tabloid, it well and truly announces your arrival into mainstream politics.

Here is the latest on this treasure trove of publicity, posted on ITN website just a few minutes ago.

There doesn't seem much else around in today's newspapers although expect some more negative stories shortly. I spoke to Nick yesterday evening and he said that the media were digging around desperate for smears for the final days of the campaign. The trouble is that they have fired off their anti-BNP ammo all a bit early in order to compensate for the shocking expenses scandal headlines.

Surprise, surprise the Times & Star didn't publish my letter yesterday. In the newspaper, which is a large broadsheet, there were two full pages of letters including another two letters attacking the BNP from the two very same people who had letters published the previous week again attacking the BNP.

I should be irked by this, but I'm not. The editors of the Cumbrian Newspapers must be desperate to sink to such depths, which in a way is a compliment to us for our efforts up here in Cumbria.

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