Friday, 22 May 2009

There's a spring in my step this morning

Off out shortly with a double shift of delivering candidate cards as they didn't arrive till late yesterday afternoon.

There's a spring in my step this morning after last night's by-election in Salford and evidence that at last the media are beginning to take a closer look at the corrupt UKIP.

Also there's good news on the expenses scandal front. Labour MP Ian Gibson has been a particularly nasty anti-BNP campaigner over the years. Telling lies about the BNP never bothered the Norwich North MP at all in the past and now he has told lies on his website and to his local newspaper about the extent of his fingers in the public purse. Another anti-BNP campaigner is about to bite the dust.

This is Paul Stafford's candidate card for the Wigton Electoral Division.

Paul was our first ever BNP candidate in Cumbria when he polled a very respectable 15% and beat a Labour candidate in the same Wigton ward back in 2003. The media campaign against him was quite incredible. On the eve of poll a whole editorial was devoted to him standing.

The now imfamous editor's comment started off by saying:

"I wouldn't dream of telling you how to vote . . .

and finished off with:

" . . . please vote for any party but the British National Party!"

To get this in perspective, remember Paul was the only BNP candidate standing in Cumbria. There were hundreds of other candidates contesting elections yet the editorial was just about him.

Cumbria County Council
Wigton Electoral Division
Thursday 4th June 2009.
Joe Cowell (Conservative)
John Crouch (Labour)
Paul Stafford (British National Party)
County 2005: John Crouch (Lab) 856, Stuart Moffat (Con) 804, George Scott (Ind), Jacqueline Forsyth (Lib-Dem) 299.
Borough 2007: George Scott (Ind) 821, John Armstrong (Ind) 756, John Crouch (Lab) 650, Alan Hortin (Ind) 518, Paul Stafford (BNP) 347.

Apologies if there any typos, but I have to fly. Probably back later.


tony said...

Hi, I watched the performance of UKIP on the BBC's question time last night (Thursday 21-5-2009) it got me mad that there were no BNP members in the audience, the next programs are in London and Croydon with Nick Farage being present, I have posted requests on Digg for members to apply for tickets in their own names to counteract the slurs that are being put forward about the British National Party, there is no doubt that UKIP are being used to syphon votes away from the BNP, keep up the good work Martin you will be jumping after June 4th.

bill.p said...

Hi Martin,
another fantastic day in Copeland, the response is overwhelming to say the least and we are just about coping with the demand for the BNP posters, while delivering a newspaper called Freedom with our leaflettes.

We did a 12 hour shift today and didn"t relise the time, when we were just about to call it a day, we were injected with more euathasim to carry on and go that extra 2 miles, by more demands for posters and pledges of support and "jam sandwhichs" by whole households and their friends. We eventually finished at 10.

Van drivers are pulling over in the road and asking if they can have a paper and a poster, well basically anything on the BNP.

"General Elections, bring it on"

Off to bed.