Sunday, 10 May 2009

Penny drops again on why it's happening . . .

THIS is an election leaflet going out in Salford, which readers of this blog helped to pay for. I do like the design and its simplicity. We would dearly like to have something like this for our seven wards in Allerdale but at £160 per ward it's beyond our resources at the moment.

Dare I make an appeal for funds? Yes, why not. If anyone could help with financial support we would be very grateful. Please could you send anything you can spare to The Secretary, PO Box 107, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 0YA and make your cheque payable to the British National Party. Please make it clear that the donation is for the Allerdale BNP Election Appeal.

Got a soaking in Maryport yesterday but not before we had done two hours of distributing the European Election leaflet door to door and delivered copies of Freedom and two other leaflets to nearly 200 postal voters.

Tina is our candidate in Maryport East and she was doing the postal vote round with Steve Harris her campaign manager. I was leafleting with our weekend house guest, website contributor and writer for Freedom, Steve Johnson. During our two hour stint before the rains came, Steve told me that the last time he had leafleted in a local election that a nationalist party had the chance of winning was in Blackburn back in October 1976 when he was campaigning on behalf of the candidate Bob Horman.

In response to Heworth BNP (Comments yesterday), you should have received a print out of postal voters when you picked up your electoral register. You then break-up the electoral division into polling districts and list the streets with the house numbers of postal voters under a street map of that particular polling district.

Quick story from Maryport yesterday.

The Lib-Dem candidate for Maryport West when into the Top Tap pub in the town and told Saturday morning drinkers, "I expect you are all fed up with Labour". Nods of agreement all around. "Can I count on your support?" he then ventured . . . "No, we are all BNP around here!" was the reply.

We dried off in The Swan, in front of a roaring open fire, as the rain came down outside in sheets as it only seems to do in West Cumbria. There were pints and a brandy to warm up all around, except for me as I was driving. All I was allowed was a half of Fosters, but it did taste good.

Do you remember a report in the New Statesman on why voters are turning to the BNP? I highlighted it on this blog just the other week.

Well here's another good one from yesterday's issue of The Guardian. "The BNP can hurt Labour in its heartlands" is by Jeremy Seabrook, a life-long socialist. He has grasped why the British National Party has gained in popularity in recent years and, unlike many of his ilk who just want to shout about 'inherent racism in society', succinctly charts Labour's betrayal of its traditional supporters. It's certainly the best offering from the weekend's newspapers.

The News of the World and Sunday Mirror are banging on about Hitler Youth and the Klu Klux Klan but if those are the best smears they can come up with, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

Busy day today. Pot some plants, mow the lawn, wash down the patio, log the postal voters for Wigton and then try to reply to 100 emails, that just one-fifth of what are in my inbox at the moment.

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Bert Rustle said... apparently allows pro/anti election leaflets to be uploaded for a large number of political parties.

The original link was via Ian Dale's blog.