Friday, 1 May 2009

Slow going

Five candidates nominated so far, and another exasperating day yesterday.

One of the wards we are contesting must cover over forty square miles and it's new territory for us. I was given a list of twenty-odd members, former members and supporters to go and visit to get the nomination papers signed. Well, only fifteen were on the electoral role and I spent much of the day going around visiting them. Still need three more, so that is the priority for this morning.

Our consignment of Freedom won't be up in the wilds of Cumbria till Tuesday which is a big disappointment as we were hoping to get them folded and batched up with their accompanying leaflets over the Bank Holiday for a blitz on Tuesday. Now everything will have to be put back 24 hours.

Off to the local market now for some fresh veg and a bit of fish for tonight.

Back tomorrow.

1 comment:

Andy Gray said...

Fish and veg... Sounds nice! Although, instead of the veg I think I'll have some chips =)

Good luck getting those three more names you need, I'm sure you will!