Saturday, 2 May 2009

Wet, Wet, Wet

Still just five nominations in, but I have a completed form with me here which will be going in on Tuesday morning along with our seventh and probably final one.

Yesterday was shocking weather and leafleting was cut short. We concentrated on getting the remaining signatures needed, which was quite interesting as it meant meeting people, who you have never seen before, because after inquiring about the BNP three or four years ago they didn't take that interest any further. It was rewarding to know that they were still very much on our side.

When you work, sleep and eat politics it becomes all consuming and sometimes it's difficult to understand people who are still committed supporters but don't want to do any more other than give that moral support and vote. I suppose that's what the term 'grass root support' means.

Good result in Sheffield on Thursday. In what was far from one of our best wards in the city, the 14.2% vote share in East Ecclesfield was more than enough for our European Elections effort.

I'm drawing up the leafleting route and our ports of call for our postal vote blitz next week. Time consuming job but it makes the delivery on the day run that much smoother.

Cumbrian Newspapers have started its campaign against us a bit earlier than it did five years go when it waited until a few days before polling day for its massive 'Nazis' front page headline. You can read the report here.

It doesn't worry me at all. The newspaper is discredited with an increasing number of people well aware of its stance. While on telling duty for the Castle ward by-election back in March, I spent a couple of hours with a Lib-Dem councillor. I wouldn't want to print his views on the newspaper, its editor and the political journalists working there, on a nice family blog like this one.

Green Party out leafleting in Carlisle yesterday and here's the leaflet.

When Alistair Barbour, our main man in Carlisle, sent me the leaflet this morning he pointed out that Jill Perry is very well know in Cumbria. But apparently not for her Green campaigning but for her efforts to resurrect good old fashioned Soviet-style Communism from its political grave! You would have thought there would have been a more suitable environmentalist some where in the North West to fill that final seat.

I do hope the Greens can put together a half-decent campaign as we need them to take votes from the Lib-Dems and Labour just to ensure that Nick Griffin can comfortably take his seat in the European Parliament for the North West region.

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