Thursday, 4 June 2009

3.00pm update

I HAVE just spoken to Nick Griffin who is halfway through a grueling tour of the North West Region. He is very upbeat about our chances and enthused at length over the reports from all eleven Euro regions detailing the reception our campaigners have received.

"If this support is transferred into votes then we shall achieve our goals with something to spare," he told me.

He said that he would be out with the Truth Truck until the polls close at 10 o'clock and then would be attending a county council count tomorrow morning.

I would like, once again, to thank those people who contributed to our special Allerdale Election Address Fund.

There was Derek and Gina Butler along with the Sherwood Bandits who donated the lion's share of the funds needed for our seven election addresses. Ken from Maryport and Luke and Matthew from Workington also made generous contributions to ensure we could meet our election bills.

Their financial sacrifice was certainly matched by the efforts of our tiny band of activists with a full month's campaigning in the borough with every household in the seven wards receiving one of our splendid candidate cards.

To this end I would like to thank Paul Stafford who didn't miss a day with me out on the campaign trail. Steve Harris and Carl Edgar worked tirelessly in Maryport and the super-human Stephen Stoddart who covered three wards for us in Workington.

And now, just to add a little bit of colour . . . our seven candidates again.

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alanorei said...

One more time with feeling...from Burma, summer 1945, w.r.t. the Japanese enemy.

"Show 'em your cap badge, Border!"

The soldier who said that, Sergeant Winters, did not come home (The Little Men, K. Cooper).

BNPrs won't let him down, I believe.