Thursday, 4 June 2009

Great final day

MY first leaflet yesterday was put out in Maryport at 8.45am and the last in Workington at 4.15pm.

It was a great final day with the response from the people of both these West Cumbrian towns allowing me to read last night's News & Star without feeling too much animosity to that newspaper.

I certainly won't speak to Cumbrian Newspapers again until there's a change of editor and won't waste my time with any letters to them or issuing press releases. That's not through any fit of pique but only because as far as the BNP is concerned they are irrelevant.

The British National Party goes straight to the public with our message. Unlike the Old Gang parties we don't need the media to deliver it for us.

I'm very happy with the way our campaign in Allerdale has gone. In Maryport especially, our reception has been better than two years ago and going by the BNP posters in windows and the support we have received on the street, I'm confident that Carl in Maryport West and Tina in Maryport East, will poll very strongly.

I stand by my prediction that we can win St John's ward in Workington. Stephen Stoddart has fought an energetic campaign and even a dog bite, stitches and a tetanus jab yesterday didn't deter him from another 12 hour campaign day. Todd will make a great county councillor now and even a better borough councillor in 2011.

Our teams are out and about today but I'm working on Freedom so I will regularly update this blog during the day if there is any news.

Just to recap - these are my predictions from the past week and there has been nothing that has happened in the past seven days to change my mind as to these outcomes.

Cumbria County Council
Harrington Clifton & Stainburn
Allan Caine (Liberal-Democrat)
Robert Hardon (Conservative)
Marjorie Rae (Labour) 21%
Vincent Richardson (British National Party) 13%

Cumbria County Council
Maryport East
Thursday 4th June 2009
Keith Little (Labour) 55%
Tina Wingfield (British National Party) 28%
John Stanyer (Conservative) 17%

Cumbria County Council

Maryport West
Bill Cameron (Labour) 40%
Carl Edgar (British National Party) 22%
John Rivers (Liberal Democrat) 21%

John Peel (Independent) 17%

Cumbria County Council
Moorclose Electoral Division
Denis Robertson (Independent) 39%
Gerald Humes (Labour) 35%
Glen Brew (British National Party) 16%
Eddie Woodthorpe (Conservative) 10%

Cumbria County Council
Moss Bay Electoral Division
Barbara Cannon (Labour) 48%
Martin Wingfield (British National Party) 17%
John Bracken (Independent) 16%
Judy Prest (Conservative) 12%
Ian Francis (Liberal Democrat) 7%

Cumbria County Council
St Johns Electoral Division
Stephen Stoddart (British National Party) 35%
Michael Davidson (Conservative) 33%
Joe Holliday (Labour) 32%

Wigton Electoral Division
Thursday 4th June 2009.
Joe Cowell (Conservative) 50%
John Crouch (Labour) 28%
Paul Stafford (British National Party) 22%

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