Friday, 12 June 2009

Just an innocent bystander . . .

Many thanks to Alistair from Glasgow for alerting me to the following photographs.

Just note the look on the face of the cameraman on the far left in the top photo. You know he's thinking "What the hell is she doing.?"

Full marks to the gentleman on Nick's security team for getting her out of the way in such a professional manner. For all he knew she could have been carrying a knife.

I hope the Metropolitan Police are aware of the first photo and charges the UAF's Anna Heath with wasting Police time over her assault claim.

Of course there shouldn't have been an unauthorised demonstration so near to Parliament in the first place.

This comment came from The Times website:

"It is an Offence under SOCPA 2005, s.132, to organise and/or attend a demonstration within the Vicinity of Parliament (Designated Area) without Authorisation from the Met Commissioner.
To obtain Authorisation, written Notice must be given 6 clear days before the demo if this is "reasonably practicable".
If not practicable, then written Notice must be given AT LEAST, and IN ANY EVENT, 24 hours before the demo starts.
The Designated Area is outlined in an Order, SI 1537/2005. It is quite large, stretching from Hungerford Bridge to Lambeth Bridge, then up to Victoria, Birdcage Walk and the Mall, then on to Northumberland Avenue and back to Hungerford. Encompassing Whitehall etc. of course in this wide circumference.
The punishment for the crime is either prison (max 51 weeks) or a fine level 4, or both.

Can we see UAF's Authorisation please? If they do have one, it should not have been given as the purpose of the Act is to prevent exactly their type of behaviour occurring in the first place. If they don't have one, they have committed a crime and broken statute law, whether they threw anything or not. The police can arrest on the spot, without a warrant, if there is no Authorisation. So, did they have one? Can we see it? Please?"

Very well said, and if the demonstration was authorised why wasn't there a much heavier Police presence?

And finally this is a great offering from Joey Smith in acknowledgement of the hard work done by our supporters across Britain. Victory Song really grows on you the more you hear it.


andyf said...


Now the party has 2 MEP's lets take the gloves off and go after them,are we going to pursue the uaf through the courts,we should press charges about them holding an unoffcial protest.Go for them in there pocket. Andy

alanorei said...

All excellent points, Martin

All of which cut no ice with Zanulabor.

I look forward to the treason trials when the BNP forms a government.