Thursday, 11 June 2009

No smears on this Mirror

THINGS are going to start getting back to normal with the press conferences now over.

It went very well in Manchester yesterday and Nick certainly made an impact on the reporters and cameramen crammed into Derek Adams' lovely pub.

Some silly adjectives used in a report in The Times this morning which is disappointing. This was once a newspaper of record but now standards have dropped so far that this report sounds like something from a student magazine.

Surprisingly The Mirror carries a truthful report on yesterday's event so I'm linking to that too, here. Maybe The Mirror was pleased that reporters from The Sun had been turned away from yesterday's conference after its deliberate lies regarding the bogus Gurkha leaflet.

This blog will be much truncated over the coming days as I have to try to get focussed on Freedom. There's also the Summer School next weekend if the date in my diary is correct.


Lantern said...

I'm past caring what the Daily Mirror or any other mainstream rag has to say about the BNP.
If this report is balanced, then it's a bit rich coming from a leftist celebrity comic, which has spent so much time in a vicious anti BNP campaign with their Searchlight bosom buddies. This Mirror must be broken.

Anonymous said...

Martin, may I suggest that the best way to increase the vote is to ensure working class white REGISTER to vote? By doing this and then leafleting them to ensure that they realise what an impact we have (which is obvious at the moment from the papers) we could ensure a much more productive campiagn. It starts by getting them to register, though.