Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Weyman saves the day

I wonder if Robert Mugabe was watching Sky News and BBC News 24 yesterday.

He would have seen a Government sponsored mob attacking two elected opposition representatives to stop them speaking to the press, while hundreds of policemen stood across the road and did absolutely nothing.

Maybe the next time Gordon Brown or David Milliband try to lecture him on the treatment of his political opponents, he could mention it.

Before the events on College Green, I had been told that our press conference was going to 'bomb'. That means that there would be no 'live feed' and that any footage and statements made by Nick and Andrew there, would be for archive purposes only. In others words it wasn't going to be reported on mainstream TV.

Then enter Weyman Bennett, Sarah Kavangh, Martin Smith and the UAF . . . need I say any more?

Here's an Eddie Mair classic. His interview with Sarah Kavanagh from yesterday's PM programme.

And here is Jon Snow, who always gets so involved when the BNP is being attacked, looking decidedly embarrassed on Channel 4 News interviewing Martin Smith.

I'm starting to wonder whether Channel 4 are secretly on our side. First they allow Andrew Brons to demolish Margaret Hodge, and then this.

Guardian columnist, Sunny Hundal, who was on Sky News yesterday condoning the violence of the UAF, was a panel guest along with me on a BBC World Service discussion programme where the main audience is apparently in America and Africa. The subject was the rise of the Far Right across Europe.

I'm afraid I might not have gone down too well, with my suggestion of a moratorium on building mosques in Britain and improved resettlement payments for immigrant families seeking to return home, upsetting both Sunny and the presenter.

Also on the panel was a former French centre-left politician who was much more sensible. He understood the appeal of the BNP to old Labour Party supporters and how the BNP had filled a vacuum in British politics because the three main parties now all sung from the same songsheet.

The programme was a phone-in and the last caller was an Italian working in Ireland who was so worried about the rise of the fascist BNP that he was having trouble sleeping at night. I was able to reassure him, as the programme ended, that the British National Party wasn't fascist, but democratic, and advocated a change to proportional representation for our electoral system. This was something else that Sunny wasn't happy about.

I was working on our County Council election results for Freedom all day yesterday and its very heartening to see such significant rewards for the efforts of all our brave candidates. Just as with the European Election, it was another very strong electoral performance by the BNP.


Bertie_Bert said...

BBC NEWS 09/06/2009 (18.00) NICK GRIFFIN LIVE TV

D.H.Boater said...

Martin,in Suffolk,we had 3 candidates who were slightly incapacitated and had mobility problems,two wards in Ipswich never having a BNP presence before.We achieved 10% approximately,so not too bad a calling card.

alanorei said...

Re: Parliament Green

The incident puts me in mind of Lexington Green, 1775 and the shot that was heard around the world.

Here we have the egg that was hurled around the world, by what it appears to have splattered.