Wednesday, 3 June 2009

No stone will be left unturned

YET another excellent day's campaigning with a six hour shift in record temperatures yesterday, this time in Maryport.

Another enthusiastic reception from the people we met with countless pledges of support and just the single Labour Party 'screamer' who looked isolated and whose behaviour clearly embarrassed the neighbours.

Still more BNP posters in windows without a sign of any support for the other parties.

The two final seats we are contesting come under the spotlight today, so here are my predictions.

My colleague Paul Stafford in Wigton has had a 15% baseline of support in recent elections and I think he will improve on that quite considerably this time around because there is no Independent candidate standing. The Tories seem on course to win Wigton comfortably and their cause has been helped by a lacklustre Labour campaign. I'm very hopeful that we can top the 20% mark for the first time ever and close the gap on Labour.

Wigton Electoral Division
Thursday 4th June 2009.
Joe Cowell (Conservative) 50%
John Crouch (Labour) 28%
Paul Stafford (British National Party) 22%

In Moorclose there has been a battle going on between Labour and the Independents. Labour has been courting Denis (Cocky) Robertson for the past two years hoping to bring him on board with them and remove a thorn from their side.

It did appear that Denis had all but signed up with them last summer but then changed his mind and decided to stand as an Independent once again. Labour are livid over this 'betrayal' and that's why they have concentrated their resources on Moorclose in an effort to 'teach Cocky a lesson'.

Our own Glen Brew is popular locally and will poll a solid vote in our first effort in the ward.

Cumbria County Council
Moorclose Electoral Division
Denis Robertson (Independent) 39%
Gerald Humes (Labour) 35%
Glen Brew (British National Party) 16%
Eddie Woodthorpe (Conservative) 10%

Just how Simon Darby and John Walker can bring themselves to speak to the media I really don't know.

As a journalist, I'm ashamed of the way my profession has conducted itself over the past month. Every single one of our newspapers has been a disgrace. No attempt has been made for impartial reporting when covering stories involving the BNP, leaving me with the conclusion that there is no point in talking to them.

Having said that, I will tip my cap to the BBC. It's performance this time around has been much improved and I could very nearly describe it "quite fair".

Massive day for us today with teams out in three different towns.

Here is the North West every single vote counts and rest assured we won't leave any stone unturned in our efforts to get Nick Griffin elected to the European Parliament.

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