Monday, 20 July 2009

Acting as a courier service

THE lack of postings is due to me being on my travels acting as a courier service between our various offices re-locating vital pieces of equipment so that the staff at each of the offices has the all the hardware necessary to carry out their duties.

On Saturday I was in Leeds with a hire van picking up a number of heavy items from our second floor office. I had been hoping to get along to our day of action in Manchester for the two council by-elections we are contesting there, but loading took longer than expected and I had my concerns about leaving a van with £20,000 worth of Party assets unguarded while I went leafletting, so I came straight home.

This morning it's another leg of the journey with a three hundred mile round trip. I'm taking this opportunity to update the site while others unload the van. My back just isn't up to it.

I had my first glimpse of the new Freedom on Saturday and it looks very different - much more like a tabloid newspaper. I know editor Mark Collett is keen to make it an easy to read and eye-catching publication and he has certainly done that. I think it will be very well received. He is also bang on schedule with regard to the publication date which will be good news for our organisers.

Tina is training our new membership secretary this week and is very hopeful that the new membership office and its staff will be up and running by the end of the month.

Norwich North by-election this Thursday and the BNP election address goes out today and tomorrow in an effort to make the most impact.

Unlike UKIP which seems to have money to burn, the BNP is struggling with its finances at the moment so the campaign has been run on a shoestring. The election address is very good and with the postal voters were covered with an early delivery of Freedom, hopefully this dual purpose strategy will be sufficient for us to gain enough votes to save our deposit.

One interesting story from across the water in Belfast where our call centre is based. A gentleman called yesterday claiming he had an interview for a job. When he was sent away, the security cameras followed his departure and captured him scuttling around the back of the building where he was busy taking photographs.

Now the Belfast cameras are the business and the images of him are as clear as a bell . . . and hey presto he is recognised as a member of the Socialist Workers' Party and his photo lurking outside the call-centre has been married up with an equally good photo of him at a UAF rally.

What will be of special interest to the police was the number of photos he took at the rear of the building of the fence at the back and the cameras over the back door.

The police are now investigating the incident and have taken away the security film. Now if anything happens to the call centre you know who is going to get their collar felt.

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