Friday, 17 July 2009

UKIP's feud spills over into the corridors of Strasbourg

Hearing Mandela talk about the terrorist activities of Umkhonto we Sizwe would have been much more interesting.

IT was the OFF button this morning at twenty to eight when BBC Radio 4's Today Programme started getting excited about a recently released interview with Nelson Mandela which took place after his release from prison.

Now if the interview had been conducted before he went to prison and went into detail as to why he was sent to prison in the first place, then I might have stayed on and listened.

Apparently the European Parliament building was buzzing yesterday when leaflets attacking UKIP were distributed. The leaflets claimed to be from the defunct Anti-Nazi League but the word on the street is that it's part of an internal war within UKIP as the pro and anti-Farage cliques battle it out for control of the Party.

Apparently there is disquiet within the ranks over UKIP aligning themselves with groups within the European Parliament that are described as "further to the right than the BNP" and in particular two MEPs from the Dutch SGP (Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij).

Now this party believes that women should not be involved with politics, Catholicism should be eradicated, homosexuality is unacceptable and racial purity is vital!

The leaflet asks:

"Can anyone explain to those who voted for UKIP in June, just why is it that its MEP's have been so quick to surrender their anti-racist principals just so that Nigel Farage can cash in on the financial windfall that comes from leading a grouping in the European Parliament."

The results are just in from last night's by-elections and are much as expected although we were hoping to do better in the Arbury seat.

In Kirk Hallam it was a good first effort and certainly something to build on in the future.

Here are the results:

Warwickshire County Council
Arbury and Stockingford Division
Thursday 16th July 2009
Barry Longden (Lab)   1331
Tom Wilson (Con) 1079
Martyn Findley (BNP) 449
Michael Wright (Green) 170
Rachel Field (Lib-Dem) 118
Steven Gee (Socialist Alternative) 43
BNP Percentage: 14.1%

Derbyshire County Council
Kirk Hallam Ward
Thursday 16th July 2009
Michelle BOOTH (Lab) 1261
Kevin MILLER (Con) 783
Mark BAILEY (BNP) 327
Richard PYLE (Lib-Dem) 158
BNP Percentage: 12.9%

It's nice to beat the Lib-Dems in both these wards.


scouseBNP said...

martin can you scan a copy of one of these leaflets please? UKIP members seem to think its all malicious lies and that farage is whiter than white.

Bertie_Bert said...

Morvai Krisztina Jobbik BNP Nick Griffin.

Attacks on nationalist party's ignored by the media and EU.
Whilst at the same time the media and EU (quite rightly) condemn Iran for its human rights abuses on opposition political party's.