Thursday, 16 July 2009

Is President Ahmadinejad funding the BNP?

. . . and one million pounds to the BNP . . .

TWO local council by-elections today involving British National Party candidates in Kirk HALLAM (thanks Philpot) in Derbyshire and Arbury & Stockingford in Warwickshire.

No news directly from our people on the ground, but plenty of informed opinion from the election anoraks on the Vote-2007 website. The candidates for the Kirk Hallam by-election are:

Derbyshire County Council
Kirk Hallam Ward
Thursday 16th July 2009
Mark BAILEY (British National Party)
Michelle BOOTH (Labour)
Kevin MILLER (Conservative)
Richard PYLE (Liberal Democrat)

The BNP vote share predictions in ascending order are: 9%, 10%, 12%, 12%, 19% 23%.

The overall opinion is that we could finish third here and beat the Lib-Dems.

The candidates for the Arbury & Stockingford by-election are:

Warwickshire County Council
Arbury & Stockingford
Thursday 16th July 2009
Alice FIELD (Liberal Democrat)
Martyn FINDLEY (British National Party)
Steven GEE (Socialist Alternative)
Barry LONGDEN (Labour)
Thomas WILSON (Conservative)
Michael WRIGHT (Green)

The BNP vote share predictions in ascending order are: 16%, 19%, 20%, 23%, 23%, 30%.

The overall opinion is that we will finish third, just behind the Tories and Labour and well clear of the other parties.

Great maiden speech by Nick yesterday which is certainly getting plenty of airplays and there have been extensive quotes from it in most of the broadsheets.

I spoke with him briefly last night and he said that it had surprised many journalists, with the New Statesman even asking him if the BNP had ever received funding from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!

Nick said that there was another good speech from Dr Krisztina Morvai in the same debate and I shall endeavour to find it and pop some of it on Nick's European Parliament website.

We had an exciting job yesterday afternoon - measuring up the new office and placing an order for the furniture and equipment that we need.

We are still hopeful of moving in by the beginning of August but with the extensive communications system that is needed, apparently it will be a little longer before we are completely functional.

Tina was opening bank accounts for the office in the morning and we already have the first donation for our community fund . . . the full story will be found at later today.

And finally the political elite in Hampstead are in uproar - they are as diverse as everyone else! Read the full story here.


PJ said...


The Morvai speech was not something that you would call impressive. It was verging on hysterics, and if we were out canvassing, we would classify her as a screamer. I watched it! I know!

Nicks speech was well delivered, measured and serious. I'm glad he's got over saying "liberal elite" every other sentence. He's actually showing a serious, intelligent and measured face for british nationalism.

Peter said...

Ahmadinejad funding the BNP?..Martin you are a tease.

Watch this space for the front pages of the news papers tomorrow now you have mentioned this.

Victor said...

Here is the link to the speech by Dr Morvai.

She starts speaking after about 1 min 30 secs and she speaks in English.

Bertie_Bert said...

Blackout: Violence in France