Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Great photo - Great comments

5.00pm update: Read the comments from this report in The Times - The Tories are beginning to stir.


Alex said...

At least Nick and Andrew have been democratically elected - unlike Glenys Kinnock, Peter Mandelson and (in a way) even Gordon Brown.

PS How are you managing to get away without the kids? We haven't managed it yet (youngest of three is 21!) Serves you right if you end up camping next to Margaret Beckett's caravan!

Jerome Peter said...

This Times Online article is supposed to be anti-BNP? It is so childishly written and lacking in relevant comment that it beggars belief.

This garbage can only repulse even more readers and garner more sympathy for the BNP. You would expect less mindless attacks from soccer hooligans.

The Times is now unquestionably a fully paid up member of a British press club that almost universally resides in the gutter.

This once great paper used to be a bastion to both Britishness and could honestly boast to have a standard of journalism that was not merely respected, but envied worldwide.

They now reduce themselves to trying to create a storm in a tea cup over UKIP draping a union flag over their table and whining that the BNP don't own the rights to it. Who is sitting where in the chamber, and then they report the infantile decision of the self-righteous hypocritical racist anti-British MEP's refusing to be seen seated near the BNP members.

The British National Party by comparison looks more stately by the day.